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[:en]Flight Discount from British Airways

British Airways offers EO members a flat 10-percent discount across the BA network across all cabins – World Traveller (economy), World Traveller Plus (premium economy), Club (business) and First Class. Click here for the exclusive booking portal and utilize special access codes GREECE in March and BELGIUM in April. Please reach out with any questions.

Get Deep Discounts on Hotels from HotelStorm!
EO partner HotelStorm (owned by Priceline) provides members with a special EO booking portal (if prompted, utilize the code ‘SAVE’). You can receive up to 60% discounts on properties throughout the world.

Book a Boutique Hotel Experience from Tablet Hotels!
EO Partner Tablet Hotels provides all EO members with a free Tablet Plus membership. Planning to do some post-GLC travel? Take advantage of this free membership and book a beautiful place to stay in Europe after the conference.

Sign-up for a Sixt Premium Car Test Drive on the German Autobahn!
EO Partner Sixt provides all members with a complimentary Platinum Card. Get yours today and then after GLC, on May 2nd, stick around to drive a premium car like a BMW M3 on the German Autobahn! Find more details on the sign-up sheet here. Questions? Please reach out.

Sixt Premium Car Rentals

Don’t miss this pportunity to choose your premium tier car from Sixt!

EO members renting a premium tier car (FDRM or greater) in Frankfurt during GLC benefit from VIP treatment:

  • Access to the Sixt Diamond Lounge
  • Rental car pick up on VIP parking space
  • Sixt employees at Frankfurt will try their very best to accommodate all car requests


  • Possession of an EO Sixt Platinum Card is required to receive the VIP treatment. Get your card at the previous link! Bookings made without the EO Platinum Card cannot be assigned to the special treatment
  • This offer is valid for pick-ups at Frankfurt Airport between April 22 and May 3
  • This offer is only valid for reservations made until April 15, as Sixt will need to make preparations for the opportunity
  • If you would like to rent a specific car model and there are various models included in the car category reserved, then state your wishes during the online reservation process (“Further optional information” and “I would like to make another remark”)
  • Please note that the Sixt Platinum Card doesn`t include an upgrade for luxury cars. This means if you book a luxury car, no upgrade can be offered

If you are making a booking in a car class lower than FDRM you will still receive the following benefits by utilizing the EO Sixt Platinum card:

  • Free upgrade to next car group (due to availability)
  • Up to 15% discount
  • Preferred mobility: Access to Platinum Counters