EO Patrons Program

The Patron has visited and interacted with us over learning events. This interaction was rated high by the members. He is also being invited to be part of the GSEA judging panel. We also have conversations with him over the phone and by email on the chapter activities. Being a respected member of the business community, his association with the chapter has given further mileage to the EO brand name locally.

Patron: Ravi Srinivasan
EO Coimbatore Chapter

To promote the impact of EO, chapters are encouraged to introduce select non-members into EO, with a goal of inviting the broader community to experience the value of the organization. The goal is to empower every chapter to engage a “superhero” member of their community, revealing a useful, high-profile “patron” for the organization. For more information about the program that you can give to potential patrons:

Here are some additional details to consider in preparation of this campaign:

  • Chapters are encouraged to select an entrepreneurial leader (non-member) in their community who meets the requirements and fully represents EO’s core values
  • While they are not an EO Member, the idea is to have the “EO Patron” be a guest at local events to experience the value of EO, as well as encourage the sharing of new perspective and experiences that can, in turn, strengthen the chapter.
  • This patron will not be eligible to serve in any EO leadership capacity, attend Forums, have access to EO’s member directory or be expected to pay EO dues. Rather, he or she will be able to attend chapter events, learning sessions and media opportunities
  • The vision is to ultimately have 163 patrons in the EO community, with each chapter selecting one that meets the requirements
  • Based on merit and contribution, select patrons will “advance” through the program, graduating from the chapter level to the regional and, ultimately, global levels

Requirements –Optimally, Patrons should meet at least three of the following:

  • Owns or runs a business with at least US$20 million in annual revenue
  • Has owned a business of US$50 million or more in annual revenue in the past 10 years
  • Has employed 1,000+ staff in the past 10 years
  • Is currently an elected political official at a local level or higher
  • Is making a mark within the community through philanthropy

Timeline – Here is a macro look at the patron graduation process:

  • By Q1, each chapter will select and “register” a patron via the anniversary website
  • In Q1, each chapter will onboard the patron and assimilate him or her into the chapter
  • In Q2, one patron in the area will advance to the “regional patron” level
  • Area Director will determine who advances based on merit and contributions
  • In Q3, the Global Board will pick one “global patron” based on merit and contributions
  • In Q4, the “global patron” will attend GLC as a special guest of EO and be invited to share his or her experiences

Register Your Patron! Click here to find this form in Chinese! Click here to find this form in Japanese!