I wanted to personally invite you to celebrate our 30th anniversary, a milestone in our storied history and a reflection of our growth as a global community. We have come a long way as an organization— from 22 young entrepreneurs in 1987 to 12,000+ members around the world. Throughout the year, we will reflect on our significance as an organization, embrace our beautifully diverse culture and look ahead at how we can position ourselves for 30 more years.

Starting at the Global Leadership Conference (GLC) in late April, we will set the stage for a year of celebration at all levels of the organization and in all corners of the world. Through various member-facing campaigns, themed events and global marketing strategies, our efforts will go a long way in ensuring we are no longer the world’s “best-kept secret.” Above all, we will come together to honor our role as a global thought leader, promulgate the value of EO more broadly, and set the stage for continued growth and greatness … all while having fun along the way.

We have a lot to celebrate as an organization. Not only does this anniversary serve as a platform to generate greater awareness of organizational value, but it will serve as a powerful reminder of how the contributions of a few can pave the way for organizational excellence. I am excited for the opportunity to celebrate with you, and I am confident that we can put EO even more on the map together.


Brian Brault, EO Western New York
EO Global Chairman, FY2017/2018

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