Meet the EO Chapter Patrons

Meet the EO 30th anniversary chapter Patrons! “Superheroes” of their communities, these entrepreneurial leaders have been appointed by EO chapters across the globe to fully represent the organization as an honorary Patron for the next year. These Patrons will have the opportunity to experience the value of EO as they share perspectives and experiences in a mutually beneficial exchange with chapter members.

Learn more about the EO Patrons Program and the requirements for appointing one, or register your own chapter’s Patron now!

  • Doug Ducey
    Doug Ducey
    EO Arizona Patron

    Governor of Arizona

  • Don Bell
    Don Bell
    EO Calgary Patron

    Co-founder of West Jet

  • Jeffrey Hoffman
    Jeffrey Hoffman
    EO Cleveland Patron

    Co-founder of Color Jar and Co-founder and former CEO of Priceline

  • Ravi Srinivasan
    Ravi Srinivasan
    EO Coimbatore Patron

    Managing Director of Craftsman Automation Pvt. Ltd

  • Verne Harnish
    Verne Harnish
    EO DC Patron

    CEO of Gazelles Growth Institute

  • Betsy Price
    Betsy Price
    EO Fort Worth Patron

    Mayor of Fort Worth

  • Dan Puga
    Dan Puga
    EO Idaho Patron

    President of In Time Tec

  • Michael Lawrence
    Michael Lawrence
    EO Kansas City Patron

    CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Kansas City

  • Eric Garcetti
    Eric Garcetti
    EO Los Angeles Patron

    Mayor of Los Angeles

  • Sergio Fernandez de Cordova
    Sergio Fernandez de Cordova
    EO New York Patron

    Chairman, PVBLIC Foundation | Global Entrepreneurs Council of the United Nations Member

  • Tony Falkenstein
    Tony Falkenstein
    EO New Zealand Patron

    Executive Director of Just Water International Limited

  • Jon Ramon Aboitiz
    Jon Ramon Aboitiz
    EO Philippines Patron

    Chairman of Aboitiz Equity Ventures

  • Prakash Chhabria
    Prakash Chhabria
    EO Pune Patron

    Executive Chairman, Finolex Industries Limited

  • Hillary L. Schieve
    Hillary L. Schieve
    EO Reno Tahoe Patron

    Mayor of Reno, Nevada

  • Mohammed Dewji
    Mohammed Dewji
    EO Tanzania Patron

    CEO and President of MeTL Group

  • Jim Estill
    Jim Estill
    EO Toronto Patron

    CEO of Danby Appliances

  • Mark Chipman
    Michael Hyatt
    EO Toronto Patron

    Chairman of BlueCat

  • Johnny Duann
    Johnny Duann
    EO Taipei Patron

    Co-founder of Rock Records

  • Mark Chipman
    Mark Chipman
    EO Winnipeg Patron

    Chairman of the Board of True North Sports + Entertainment