Travel Guide

Flight Information

The recommended airport is Macau International Airport (MFM). The drive from the airport to the GLC hotels takes five minutes by car, depending on traffic.

You can also fly to Hong Kong Airport (HKG) and take the ferry boat to Macau. The trip takes about fifty-five minutes and costs an average of HKD$160 (US$20). To learn more about the services available, visit this website.

Ferries from Hong Kong Airport to Macau
There are two ferries that operate from Hong Kong Airport to Macau. Review the ferry schedules, pricing and booking information on the two ferry websites:

The ferry terminal at the Hong Kong Airport is called Sky Pier.

Please note that Taipa Ferry Terminal or Macau Maritime Ferry Terminal (a.k.a., Macau Outer Harbor Ferry Terminal) are the primary ferry terminals in Macau.

The Cotai Water Jet arrives at the Macau Taipa terminal, and the TurboJet arrives at the Macau Maritime Ferry Terminal. Both terminals are short drives from the Sheraton Macau.

The Taipa terminal is 5 kilometers (3.1 miles), and the Macau Maritime Ferry Terminal is 9.5 kilometers (6.1 miles). If you are pre-booking, be sure to select SkyPier or Hong Kong Airport, and not a Hong Kong city or Chinese location.

There are two purchasing options for ferry tickets: online (ahead of time) or upon arrival (level 5 in Terminal 1 at the Hong Kong Airport). If you are booking online, please allow two to three hours between your flight arrival and ferry departure. Please note that any purchased tickets are non-refundable, regardless of flight delays. Checked baggage (regardless of airline) will be transferred directly to the ferry, so there is no need to reclaim checked baggage in Hong Kong.

DO NOT PASS THROUGH HONG KONG IMMIGRATION. You may check in for the ferry on level 5 in Terminal 1; simply provide your passport, flight boarding pass and baggage claim tags (if you have any). All passengers must check in to receive a ferry ticket. Tickets are only provided at the ticket counter, even if you pre-booked a ticket. To learn more, watch this helpful video or read these tips, both of which are online resources and can be found during an Internet search.

Complimentary shuttle buses provide seamless travel between Sheraton Grand Macau and all ferry terminals, border gates and the Macau airport. Taxis are also an easy mode of transportation. Keep in mind that taxis only accept cash, and there is currently no Uber, Lyft or other app-related car service available. Taxis do accept MOP or HKD.

Booking Ferries for Departures
The recommended sailing time should be at least three hours prior to your flight departure time. Depending on the airline, your baggage may be checked in at the ferry terminal. For airlines that do not check bags at the ferry terminal, you may pick up your bags at Hong Kong Airport and then check them with the airline at convenient check-in desks after disembarking the ferry.

Depending on the airline, ferry passengers may receive a tax refund, which can be collected past security. Look at the ferry schedule well ahead of departure! For assistance, the Cotai Travel booking desk is located in the Sheraton Macau lobby; they can assist you with ferry bookings for departure.

Ground Transportation

The event venue and hotel is a five minute car ride from MFM.

Taxis are a very common and affordable in Macau. The fare from the airport to the event’s hotel is about MOP$40 (US$5). It varies depending on the amount of luggage and distance traveled. If you’d prefer a special taxi, you can call +853 288 12345 or visit the website to request the service and check fees.

Uber is currently not available in Macau.

Car rentals are available at MFM. Compare available vehicles and companies here to find the best option for your trip.

Weather and Dress


The average temperature in Macau in April is 22°C (71°F). The average high temperature is 25°C (77°F) and the average low is 20°C (68°F).

Dress Code

Bring a sweater or blazer to GLC events. The hotels and venues are air-conditioned. Wearing layers will help you stay comfortable in the meeting rooms. The dress code for these evening socials is smart casual; please see the socials page for more information.

Men’s Dress Code Glossary
  • Business casual: Nice slacks; collared shirts
  • Smart casual: Seasonal sport coat or blazer; slacks or nice jeans; dress shirt, casual button-down shirt, open-collar shirt or polo shirt
Women’s Dress Code Glossary
  • Business casual:Nice slacks or skirt; blouse
  • Smart casual: Dress, skirt, dressy pants or nice jeans; dressy top

About Macau

Country: China

Time Zone: CST (China Standard Time) (UTC+08:00)

Please check to find the time in your home city.

Currency: Macanese Pataca

For currency converter tools, please visit or


For etiquette information, please reference:


English is the official language of the 2019 EO Global Leadership Conference in Macau.


The Macanese Pataca uses the MOP$ sign and is divided into 100 avos. There are approximately eight patacas to the US dollar.

Macau has both paper money and coins. There are currently seven coins in circulation: MOP$1, MOP$2, MOP$5, MOP$10, 10, 20, 50. Additionally, there are six banknotes issued: MOP$10, MOP$20, MOP$50, MOP$100, MOP$500, and MOP$1000.

Hong Kong dollars are also accepted by most businesses and this is the currency of choice in casinos.

There are banks and ATMs located on virtually every street in Macau and these machines dispense both patacas and Hong Kong dollars. Visa and MasterCard credit cards are widely accepted in major restaurants, stores and the ferry terminal, although some merchants may ask for a token minimum purchase amount.


Tipping is not a common practice in Macau as a 10 percent service charge is included in the price of most goods. However, a small tip is generally appreciated by bellhops and waiters.

For more suggestions, please refer Macau’s official tourism website.

Stay Connected

The country code for Macau is +853. When dialing a Macau number from abroad, be sure to dial +853 before the area code and number.

Mobile phones are widely used throughout Macau. Contact your service provider before arriving in the Macau to determine if you should purchase an international plan or international roaming services.

Free Wi-Fi is available in most public places in Macau, such as hotel lobbies and coffee shops. The strength and speed of the signal varies.

The electrical current in Macau is 220 volts and 50 hertz (cycles per second). Wall outlets fit the following power sockets below (from right to left): D, M, G and F.

The type F socket also works with plugs C and E.

Class I and Class II Power Outlets

To ensure the safety of your electronics, be sure you have a converter if you need one. A wide array of converters and universal adapters is available online.


To enter Macau, you’ll need a passport with at least six months validity. Visas aren’t required to enter most countries. Visit the Macau Immigration Services of Public Security Police Force for details about requirementson your country of origin. Please check your visa requirements as soon as possible because the process is often lengthy.

EO members are responsible for arranging their own travel to the events. Please be aware of all immigration and visa-related paperwork and associated fees. If you fail to receive the appropriate approvals to enter the country, you will be subject to EO’s cancellation policy.

EO takes no responsibility for acquiring or monitoring a member’s visa status. EO can support you in your quest for immigration approval by providing the following:

  • Letters of invitation
  • Hotel confirmation numbers (where applicable)
  • Connections to the chapter members via the Chapter Admin
EO cannot:
  • Sponsor members
  • Guarantee costs or other monetary-related paperwork
  • Liaise with ministries, immigration, embassies or consulates on behalf of any member

If you require a sponsorship for entry into the country, you assume all risk associated with registering for the event prior to getting approval and finding sponsors. EO cancellation policy applies. EO members are required to find other EO member sponsors on their own, including using or through the EO chapter hosting the event. EO staff will not broker sponsorships.


Besides suggesting that travelers going to China are up to date on their vaccinations, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends most travelers to get typhoid and hepatitis A vaccines. For more health and safety recommendations for China, please visit the CDC website.

Dietary Restrictions

If you suffer from severe food allergies, we encourage you to SelectWisely and consider purchasing food and travel-translation cards to communicate your dietary needs.