What will you learn?

The GSA Coaching Team will train, support, and challenge you in developing your signature talk.

A great signature talk has 5 core elements, which must fit seamlessly together and flow in an engaging way!

These will be complemented by interactive discussions on visual aids, impromptu speaking, fielding questions, and proper mindset.


Who will coach you?

EO is collaborating with Speaker Labs to spearhead the GSA Coaching Team. You will learn from these communication experts:

Eli Gladstone

Eric Silverberg

Eric and Eli started Speaker Labs in 2016 so that they could focus all of their time and effort around two of the things they value most: communication and teaching. They both began their careers as Faculty Members at the Ivey Business School, where they were fortunate enough to lecture packed classrooms every day. It was during that time when they fell in love…not with each other (although they are best friends) – but with teaching. Helping others develop became a life passion for them.

After teaching, Eric and Eli took a few years to explore the world of tech start-ups (they are millennials after all) and they saw how communication is pervasive, not only in the classroom, but in all areas of business. It was clear that expressing ideas confidently and clearly was a common challenge, and they gravitated towards helping others over that all-too-common hurdle.

Then they took a leap. A leap that turned their passions into a company.

Enter Speaker Labs.

Today, Eric and Eli train professionals at some of the world’s top companies and organizations like Shopify, RBC, Google, and EO!


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