Join EO’s Global Speakers Academy (GSA) for a transformative experience on mastering your communication skills and crafting your story for impact!

Applications for the Fall 2024 edition of GSA are now open.


Through an immersive and intimate learning experience that takes place over the course of five days, EO members gain the unparalleled experience of developing, practicing and refining a signature talk with coaching from stellar presentation experts.

Find your voice.

Craft your signature story.

Deliver it with confidence.

Strong communication skills and being a confident communicator
is essential for an entrepreneur’s growth.

Your signature talk is your unique, dynamic, and compelling story that delivers value to your audience. GSA will give you the tools, process, and path needed to develop your signature talk and deliver it with impact.

What’s in store for you as a GSA participant?

  • An immersive and intimate learning experience on storytelling and public speaking by stellar communication experts
  • 5 days of 1:1 coaching, Q&A, presentation & feedback, classroom discussions, and breakout groups
  • Strengthen your storytelling, experience sharing and persuasion skills for different needs, which can prove powerful in everyday interactions
  • Connections with and inspiration from EO members from all over the world who are on a shared journey of growth
  • May include official certification as a GSA speaker that may open new speaking opportunities
    This is subject to evaluation and confirmation by the GSA Coaching Team

READ on what to expect during this transformative programme!

Applications for the Fall 2024 edition of GSA are now open.


For more details, please review the FAQ HERE or contact the Learning Team HERE.