Application Process


We want to hear you!
Even if you´re presently unable to apply for Global Speakers Academy. 

We all have something to say and a story to tell, do not leave yours untold!

Selection criteria for the uncoming Global Speakers Academy:

The Global Speakers Academy is a hybrid programme meant for EOers to tell their story, leave a mark in other people’s lives and inspire others.
Only 50 members will be selected. This event is open to EO members only, and we´ll focus on the following applicant benchmarks:

Story (1-10 points) – What is your story? Why it is important to share your message and, what impact do you want to make by telling it? Be sure to explain any factors that impacted your growth and trajectory.

Diversity (1-10 points) – Like EO, the Global Speakers Academy strives to represent entrepreneurs from a variety of industries, cultures, nations and genders around the world. We strive to create a diverse group so you can learn from peers outside of your own home country.

Presence and energy (1-15 points) – What challenges have you faced that shaped who you are today? How has your leadership style contributed to (or hindered) your success? We are looking for today’s leading entrepreneurs, those who are dedicated to bringing their company, team, and community to the next level. What impact have you made in other people’s lives?

Experience-sharing (1-15 points) – Your story (—and listening and reacting to others—) is an integral part of the Global Speakers Academy. Upon completion of the programme, you will move forward with 50 new friends, confidantes, advisors, and companions. All of whom will see you through the rest of your entrepreneurial career.

Each application is assessed with the above benchmarks in mind. Then the respective class facilitator and the EO proffessional staff lead go through the following steps as they select the incoming Global Speakers Academy.

1. Notification is sent out that the application for the incoming Global Speakers Academy is available

2. Interested parties fill out the application, provide payment information, and include the audition video

3. All applications are reviewed and vetted by the EO Global staff lead for completeness

4. If an application is incomplete, the EO Global staff lead will contact the applicant ONCE to solicit the missing information (for example, missing payment information = incomplete application)

5. All completed applications are reviewed by the incoming class facilitator and EO Global staff lead. They are rated for a base score in each of the areas described above (growth, diversity, leadership, and experience-sharing)

6. Average scores are used to develop the initial top applicant pool

Once scoring is completed, the class facilitator and the EO proffessional staff lead confirm and agree on the 50 accepted applicants. The top 15 applicants who are not initially accepted to the programme are put on the waitlist. If one of the accepted applicants cannot attend the Global Speakers Academy, a waitlisted applicant will be offered their space. The waitlist is compiled based on the above criteria and is in rank order. Rarely are accepted applicants unable to attend, but in the event they cannot, the waitlisted applicant(s) will be invited to participate.

How to apply

Applications for the Global Speakers Academy 2021 will launch on 9 August and will remain open until 19 August 2021.

A complete application includes the following items:

1. A completed online data form, which is found in the application by 9 August

2. Updated credit card information on your EO profile

3. Applicants are required to create a 3-minute video as a part of their submission – The video is meant to be on a topic that you would like to speak about, record yourself sharing your story/topic in a 3-minute video as if you were presenting in front of an audience. (At this time, we are only able to accept applications in English)

Acceptance and registration

If you are accepted to the Global Speakers Academy, the announcement of the 50 most-qualified candidates – from all 10 regions will be made via email by end of business (9 pm GMT) on 6 September 2021. Upon being selected, a payment of US$6,500 will be due by 9 September 2021. If payment is not received in full by 9 September 2021, then your space may be given to someone on the waitlist.

There will be 25 available seats to participate onsite and 25 to participate virtually, making an application could be virtual or in person. you may only change your selection if there´s space available.

At that time, all applicants will be notified of their application status. Applicants who are accepted to the programme will then receive additional information concerning the programme and arrangements.

Notifications/late applications

If you are accepted into the programme, you will receive:

1. Confirmation of receipt of your application by email within 72 hours of submission.

2. An acceptance letter containing details for the logistics of the programme to be held in San Diego

3. A URL taking you to the Global Speakers Academy registration and payment page on

4. If you do not receive confirmation of your submitted application within 72 hours, please email [email protected] 

5. All applications are due 19 August 2021, at 5 pm EST.  Late applications will not be accepted. No exceptions will be made.

Please note:
This is an intensive course that will include lectures, writing, live practice, Forum time, and more. Be ready to dive in deep!

Please see the Payment/Cancellation page for details on registration fees, payment, and cancellation policies.

If you are interested and would like to know when the next programme opens applications, please sign up on the interest list


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