Are you ready to apply?

Application is open to all EO members. A maximum of 50 participants will be accepted.

Application Requirements:

  • A 3-minute video on your topic of expertise that you want to use for your signature talk
  • An accomplished copy of the GSA Application Form (open 15 July – 15 August 2022)
  • Updated payment information in your EO Membership Profile

Application Evaluation:

Applications will undergo evaluation by the GSA Coaching Team according to the following criteria:

Story – What is your story? Why it is important for you to share it? What impact do you want it to make?
Share factors that affected your growth in the course of your story.
1-10 points
Diversity – How does your story reflect or impact diversity?
We strive to create a mix of industries, cultures, and genders for diverse and inclusive learning and growth.
1-10 points
Presence & Energy – How was your story delivered? Did it resonate with an engaging presence and strong energy?
We want to hear how you can elevate the delivery of your story.
1-15 points
Experience-sharing – Are you willing to speak your truths and exchange honest feedback with your EO peers?
We want GSA to be a safe and supportive platform for growing together through shared experiences.
1-15 points
Maximum Score 50 points

Application Results:

  • Members will receive their application results in a formal letter from the GSA Programme Team via the email address in their application form.
  • Accepted members will receive complete information, including an EO Hub link for GSA where they can pay the registration fee and complete their participation.
  • Acceptance is valid only for the GSA Fall 2022 edition and is non-transferable to upcoming editions. Members who were not accepted may join the GSA interest list and apply again in the next edition.


📢 Apply today until 15 August!
For more details, please review the FAQ HERE or contact the Learning Team HERE.