GSA Certified Speaker: Steffy Roos du Maine


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Speaker Contact Details

Full Name Steffy Roos du Maine
Chapter EO Netherlands
Email Address [email protected]
Phone Number +31641083444
Country of Origin Netherlands
Number of EO events spoken at 1-5

Signature Talk Overview

Regions where content is relevant and willing to travel APAC
 North Asia
 South Asia
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Category Business
Title Secrets of a Mindful Millionaire: 3 spiritual insights for business success.
Description I will be sharing 3 spiritual insights that helped me to cut my workweek from 80 to 20 hours, while my revenue went up from 2 to 6 million. I believe it’s possible for each one of to work less, stress less, and profit more ánd that spiritual growth is the fastest way to grow a business.
#1 You’re manifesting your life whether you like it or not
#2 Your ego is the main obstacle to growth, because it’s prevents you to delegate
#3 Fill your own cup first to be a great leader
The talk gives a lot of take aways to immediately implement in the audiences daily life & work, and it gives a new perspective on how to run your business. Because we all deserve to live our best life, where our business is aligned with our soul’s mission, where we enjoy our time off without feeling guilty, and where we and our businesses are growing every day, without any stress.
Format  15-30 min talk (TED-type)


2021-09-07, EO Netherlands, ?, Live, Olivier Monod de Froideville
2022-09-29, EO Netherlands, ?, Live, Olivier Monod de Froideville