GSA Certified Graduate: Ramiro J. Saborio


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Speaker Contact Details

Full Name Ramiro J. Saborio
Chapter EO Nicaragua
Email Address [email protected]
Phone Number 88807987
Country of Origin Nicaragua
Number of times onstage as a paid public speaker 6-10
Number of EO events spoken at 1-5

Signature Talk Overview

Category Business
Title Become Unstoppable: Accessing the Three Hidden Rules for Elite Entrepreneurs.
Description Are you an entrepreneur feeling stuck or lost? Take the reins of your business with Ramiro J. Saborio’s highly actionable keynote to learn how he went from bankruptcy-risk to having an eight figure business in just five years! Discover his secret: using three stoic disciplines that have been around for centuries, but never before applied as consciously or strategically – until now. Invest this time in yourself and get ready for 500% growth potential – it’s within reach if you seize control today!
During this talk he’ll show you how you can use powerful Stoic principles;
Filtering your perception,
Connecting actions with purposeful objectives,
Harnessing willpower judiciously.
– all so that together we can ignite positive change!
Format  15-30 min talk (TED-type)
 1 hr keynote
 1/2 day workshop
 1 day workshop
Regions where content is relevant and willing to travel  Canada
 US Central
 US East
 US West