GSA Certified Graduate: Dhiren Harchandani


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Full Name Dhiren Harchandani
Chapter EO U.A.E.
Email Address [email protected]
Phone Number 0556340777
Country of Origin United Arab Emirates
Number of times onstage as a paid public speaker 26-50
Number of EO events spoken at 11-25

Signature Talk Overview

Category Personal
Title Master Your Inner Game
Description Master Your Inner Game with 3 Tools
As an Entrepreneur, you may find yourself constantly stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, and you feel it deep in the pit of your stomach.
You also may find yourself making decisions in your business at the expense of your family and your health.
You may be spending time with your family, you may be physically present, but your energy is completely drained, and all of this is happening, while you watch your competitors grow past you.
This is where your Inner Game comes in!
The only sustainable competitive advantage that you have as an entrepreneur is not your business strategy, it’s not what you learned in business school.
It’s your Inner Game, it’s the business behind your business.
Your Inner Game drives the results you want, if you’re not getting the results you want, then you are not winning the Inner Game.
Learn from my colossal collapse and the powerful system that helped me Master My Inner Game.
This Keynote is specifically designed for Corporate Teams who want to scale their business, by empowering you to gain the clarity, focus, & self-confidence that you need to double your energy in the next 45 days.
Format  15-30 min talk (TED-type)
 1-hr keynote
 ½ day workshop
 1-day workshop
Rates (in US$, excluding travel) Domestic: $5000.00
International: $7500.00
Virtual: $2500.00
Regions where content is relevant and willing to travel  APAC
 North Asia
 South Asia
 US Central
 US East
 US West


2021-07-14, EO APAC Bridge, 9.1, Virtual, Mahesh Mirpuri
2020-07-22, EO New York, 9.5, Virtual, Lauren Boyer
2019-11-04, EO MEPA Unmask, Live, 9.5, Vic Begaria