GSA Certified Graduate: David Nilssen

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Speaker Contact Details

Full Name David Nilssen
Chapter EO Seattle
Email Address [email protected]
Phone Number 01.206.571.1999
Country of Origin United States
Number of times onstage as a paid public speaker 26-50
Number of EO events spoken at 11-25

Signature Talk Overview

Category Business
Title The Future of Talent is Borderless: Transform your business and culture with global talent
Description Worldwide, the talent shortage is at an all-time high and so is employee disengagement. More than ever before, employers need to redefine and implement a strong talent strategy.
David Nilssen – the Co-founder and CEO of Guidant Financial – offers a surprising solution: offshoring. From killing local jobs, to exploiting people in other countries, offshoring solutions are often perceived negatively. However, David is changing that paradigm by approaching the talent shortage crisis with the lens of conscious capitalism. His solution provides the capacity to scale faster, a path for strengthening culture all while improving the lives of
his team domestically and abroad: a true win-win-win.
In this interactive session you will learn:
– Which labor trends are silently killing your business
– Options for building teams on, near or offshore
– Why most entrepreneurs fail to leverage global talent
– How offshoring positively impacts culture
– Tools/systems to maximize your team’s results
Format TED-type / 1-hr keynote /  ½ day workshop
Regions where content is relevant and willing to travel Canada / Europe / US Central / US East / US West


2022-07-15, EO Seattle, Live, 9.64, Mike Powers
2022-08-05, EO Western NY, Live, 10, Victoria Kenward
2021-10-14. EO ALCHEMY – US West Regional Event, Live, Kyle McClelland