What should you expect? 

The purpose of the EO with Harvard Business School programme is for you to learn and develop groundbreaking strategies and skills in analyzing industry evolution that will help your businesses grow.

The following is an example of the agenda from 2021. The updated 2022 agenda will post soon.

Day 1 11am – 4pm EST
Day 2 8am – 4pm EST
Day 3 8am – 4pm EST
Day 4 8am – 2:15pm EST

The sessions have been confirmed as follows:

Session Case Study Professor
Session 1: Strategy and Execution Alvogen – Scaling Entrepreneurship Professor William Kerr
Session 2: Strategies for Turning Around Businesses Jim Sharpe Professor William Kerr, with Jim Sharpe
Session 3: Strategic Choices Zipline Professor Archie Jones
Session 4: Strategic Repositioning Amazon Professor Lynda Applegate
Session 5: Refining Strategies for Scale Careem Professor Shikhar Ghosh
Session 6: Strategies to Break into Underserved Markets Collab Capital Professor Natalia Rigol
Session 7: Strategy and Scaling Squire Technologies Professor William Kerr
Session 8: Strategic Decisions Koita Milk Professor Lynda Applegate
Session 9: Scaling Up with Deep Pockets iAutomation Facilitator Jim Sharpe
Session 10: Strategies when Facing Failure TBD Professors Tom Eisenmann and Lindsay Hyde
Sessions 11 & 12: From EO Onwards Mini-Case Discussions Professors Applegate, Kerr and Sharpe
Session 13: Founder’s Journeys Interactive Lecture Professor Shikhar Ghosh
Session 14: Closing Interactive Lecture Professor William Kerr


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