Evening Socials

There are so many facets of Kenya’s culture to explore. During the day, we will be exploring and learning, in the evening, it’s time to let loose. We will experience the local culture in an intimate setting through dine-arounds in members’ homes and through local music and entertainment in Nairobi. In Borana, relax and enjoy dinner under the stars as you learn about and experience the depth of the culture through culinary experiences, fireside chats, music, dancing, and more!

Nairobi dine-arounds

Sunday, 22 September

Experience the warmth of Kenyan hospitality during an evening that will highlight both Nairobi and EO. Spend an evening with the EO Kenyan members as your hosts inside their homes. Dine-Arounds provide all Exploration attendees with the opportunity to create lasting connections in a relaxed setting, while offering a glimpse into the life of a local Kenyan and their delicious cuisine.

Dress code: Smart casual/Chic

Note: You’ll be invited to an intimate dinner inside the home of an EO Kenyan member. As it is the opening night and you may want to be comfortable after traveling, there is no need to wear lavish attire. Please note that we will need to depart during evening rush hour and the drive to your host’s home may take 60-90 minutes, however the ride back to the hotel will be a breeze.


Monday, 23 September

After a full day of learning and networking, your evening will begin at Carnivore, a steakhouse located in Nairobi. The restaurant is renowned for its house cocktail Dawa, a drink that was inspired by a Brazilian cocktail made with cane sugar. This is a chance for you to sample exotic, local dishes and share the experience with fellow EOers.

Dress code: Smart casual/Chic

Note: The restaurant is a brief walk from the hotel. We will dine outside, so please dress in layers.

Borana welcome dinner

Tuesday, 24 September

A warm welcome will be awaiting you on the first night in Borana. EO will have exclusive access across the entire Borana Conservancy for the next few days. You will experience an introduction by some of the Conservancy’s prominent figures over food and drink. Enjoy the rest of the night conversing by the fire, taking in the sounds of Borana.

Dress code: Comfortable casual

Note: Dinner will be outside, so please dress in layers.


Wednesday, 25 September

After the first full day in Borana, you are going to be hungry. You will return to the campsite for a Karoga dinner. This is a traditional Kenyan cookout held outdoors featuring Indian style cuisine. This night will highlight India’s influence to Kenyan culture.

Dress code: All white, comfortable casual

Note: Dinner will be outside, so please dress in layers and don’t forget to wear white.

Dinner under the stars

Thursday, 26 September

This is a night of relaxation, dining and conversation under the stars. Against the backdrop of the Conservancy, sights and sounds will galvanize your senses while sitting by the fire.

Dress code: Comfortable casual

Note: Dinner will be outside, so please dress in layers.

Closing celebration

Friday, 27 September

The event will close with a celebration of Borana including food, music, and dance. With this unique celebration, you will close out the evening commemorating your experience in Borana with your fellow EOrs.

Dress code: All black, comfortable casual

Note: Dinner will be outside. Please dress in layers and don’t forget to wear black.