Speakers / Experiences


Hindu priest, entrepreneur, a former monk, author, and speaker

Dandapani is a former Hindu monk with a deep understanding of focus and personal development. He has worked with top entrepreneurs and athletes, empowering them with ancient teachings to enhance performance. His book, “The Power of Unwavering Focus,” is a bestseller with worldwide recognition.

Session: Unwavering Focus. Life’s Purpose & the 50-year Plan

Key Learning Points:

  • Learn the skill of focus to improve productivity and mental well-being.
  • Incorporate focus into everyday routines for sustainable change.
  • Build a 50-year legacy plan and practice purpose-focused living to direct awareness and energy towards life goals.



Verne Harnish

Founder of Entrepreneurs Organization, Founder and CEO of Scaling Up, Best Selling Author, Co-Founder and Chairman of Geoversity

Verne Harnish is the founder of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), a co-founder and chair of Geoversity, founder of Scaling Up, a global executive education and coaching company. has helped numerous companies scale up and is a bestselling author. Verne is recognized worldwide for his expertise in leadership and business growth.

Session: Scaling Organizations with AI, Web3/Org3, and Nature’s Principles

Key Learning Points:

  • Understand the true meaning of legacy and its importance in personal and business life.
  • Learn how to leave a lasting impact that truly matters, building lasting legacies for individuals, employees, and businesses.
  • Discover ways to redefine growth through purpose for positive impact.



Pascal Riederer

Senior Associate, Economics of Mutuality

Pascal Riederer is a Senior Associate at Economics of Mutuality (EoM) Solutions. He specializes in purpose strategy and ecosystem orchestration. Pascal has worked with various companies on purpose transformation and is passionate about driving positive impact through purpose-driven growth.

Session: Putting Purpose into Practice

Key Learning Points:

  • Explore how purpose drives strategy and value creation.
  • Apply systemic thinking to unlock ecosystem opportunities.
  • Discover the real drivers behind business growth and commercial impact.



Fabio Alings

Global Brand Director PEDIGREE, Mars Inc.

Fabio Alings is a Global Brand Director for PEDIGREE at Mars Inc., brings extensive experience in brand strategy and innovation across local and global levels. In his role, he focuses on enhancing brand equity, creative direction, and aligning brand strategies with business goals through purpose.

Session: Putting Purpose into Practice



Dillon Jearey

Event MC /Activity Facilitator, EO Member, Entrepreneur

Dillon Jearey is a visionary entrepreneur with 16 years of experience, celebrated for exceptional leadership and fostering positive company culture. He’s dedicated to aiding others in unlocking their potential through Emotional Intelligence, mindfulness, and breathwork, while also showcasing his strategic prowess as a global speaker and facilitator and having studied entrepreneurial strategy at Harvard Business School.

Session: Actions for Impact” Group Interactive Game

Get ready to Act for Impact! Unleash the power of your team in an electrifying GPS adventure like no other. With your smartphones as your guide, embark on an exhilarating journey to unlock hidden GPS hotspots around Barcelona. Together, conquer thrilling challenges and race against the clock to make a difference. Connect, explore, and ignite the spirit of teamwork before time runs out!



Florencia Andrés

Internationally Acclaimed Speaker, Bestselling Author, Mindset Coach

Florencia Andrés is an award-winning international speaker, bestselling author, and mindset coach for high performers. She has guided celebrities, business owners, and sports champions, helping them achieve extraordinary results. Her powerful speeches have earned her the title of “Best Female Speaker” in top summits in Europe.

Session: Empowering Entrepreneurs to Create an Unstoppable Team

Key Learning Points:

  • Motivate and inspire others to achieve extraordinary results, excel and be their best.
  • Create a positive and supportive work culture that fosters engagement and collaboration.
  • Use effective communication and recognition to drive team morale and performance.



Wendy van Ierschot

Entrepreneur, tech investor, bestseller author and CEO of VIE People

Wendy van Ierschot is an entrepreneur, tech investor, bestseller author and CEO of VIE People. VIE people is a People & Culture consultancy firm specialized in scale-ups. Every week she makes the podcast Werkprofessor (Work professor) for the Dutch National Business Radio News Station (BNR). She is a well-known public speaker and appears in many different international top-HR-expert lists.

Session: The ingredients for an organization that fuels growth

Key Learning Points:

  • Understand the different stages of business growth and the required leadership and priorities.
  • Learn how to manage growth, culture, and HR to ensure success at each stage.
  • Adapt strategies and approaches as the organization scales and evolves.



Christopher Pommerening

Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer of Learnlife

Christopher Pommerening, a founding member of EO Barcelona, is the Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer of Learnlife, a unique learning hub revolutionizing education. With a global team of innovators, he aims to inspire millions of learners and educators through a new Human-Centered learning framework. Christopher’s positive impact goal is to positively transform education worldwide by 2030, implementing LearnHubs in 100,000 learning communities globally. He brings his vast experience as an entrepreneur and venture capitalist to create a paradigm shift in learning for a VUCA world.

Session Description & Key Learning:

Welcome to Learnlife, a worldwide leading learning hub that positively transforms the paradigm of education.

How to become a Positive ImpACTOR through Human-Centred Learning.



Jeff Hoffman

Chairman GENs

Jeff Hoffman is an award-winning global entrepreneur, motivational speaker, bestselling author, and film producer. He co-founded numerous successful startups, including Priceline.com. Jeff is passionate about driving positive change and empowering entrepreneurs to create meaningful legacies.

Session: Leaving a Legacy

Key Learning Points:

  • Understand the true meaning of legacy and its importance in personal and business life.
  • Learn how to leave a lasting impact that truly matters, building lasting legacies for individuals, employees, and businesses.
  • Discover ways to redefine growth through purpose for positive impact.



Yarden (Jordan) Zilber

Entrepreneur, EO Barcelona

Yarden Zilber, a former combat jet pilot turned successful entrepreneur, has experience in high-risk military missions and international business. Passionate about fostering high-performance mindsets, Yarden emphasizes the power of preparation and prioritizing what matters most.

Session: How to perform your best on what matters most to you

Key Learning Points:

  • Adopt a High-Performance Mindset: Constant action yields average results; master high-impact tasks.
  • Zero in on Priorities: Learn to choose what to omit, honing focus on key bottlenecks.
  • Implement the continuous Learn-Try-Assess-Repeat cycle deliberately to resolve bottlenecks effectively.



Welcome to SUCO at the rooftop by Jamie Beron

Active meditation using movement, breath, and music for a joyful experience and deeper connections.

Start the day in union with likeminded people by practicing active meditation; SUCO sessions. In SUCO, meditation is taught by using movement instead of stillness because it is the most accessible and effective way to meditate. In this session you will breathe, move, and shake towards a state of joy. This fully guided practice is facilitated by Jamie Beron from South Africa. Jamie has a deep love for music and uses electronic music with African influences as well as binaural beats as a powerful soundtrack to the 1-hour session. The session will positively impact your sense of connection to yourself, to those around you, to the world and to the present moment.

Jamie Beron

Jamie Beron, creator of SUCO, is a South African active meditation teacher and wellbeing researcher. His passion for healing practices led him to develop SUCO, an immersive meditation combining electronic music and movement for ultimate wellbeing.