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Take Your Business’s Value to the Next Level

In today’s competitive and complex business environment, EO members must constantly reassess and reinvent themselves in order to remain successful. At the EO@Wharton: Elevating Finance + Operations program, EO members will have the opportunity to take a deeper look at their organization’s financial health and operating metrics while learning from the top-notch talent at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

This EO Executive Education program will help members identify the critical numbers they should be focusing on and teach them how to use that data to build and grow a business of value and significant impact. There are no prerequisites to attend this program–just a drive to learn and grow, and a desire to master the numbers that will help you grow your bottom line. If you feel like you are missing the link to transform your business strategy into a real return on investment, then EO@Wharton: Elevating Finance + Operations is for you.



The upcoming EO@Wharton: Elevating Finance and Operations program will be held on 23-26 April 2019. Registration is limited to only 60 participants and opened on 14 November.The event is now sold out! Please join the waiting list here.

EO Executive Education events are open to EO Members. The registration fee for EO@Wharton: Elevating Finance + Operations is US$5700. 


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