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EO members have an unquenchable thirst for learning, especially world-class executive education! We have a new executive education program that will inspire and challenge you to take your business, and the value it brings to the world, to the next level.

In partnership with the top-notch talent at the Wharton School’s Aresty Institiute of Executive Education, the EO@Wharton Program will elevate your ability to connect strategy to performance, to increase your business’s value.

EO members love to share business strategies. However only about 1% of us can evaluate the true economic potential of a strategy. Even fewer of us can put a plan together to implement that strategy, monitor its performance and adjust execution. And this is all based on “the unknown!”

As Program Chairman and in conjunction with the amazing faculty at Wharton, we will help you identify the critical numbers you should be focusing on in your business, and teach you how to use that data to build and grow a business of value and significant impact. If you feel you are missing the connection that transforms strategy into a real return on investment, the EO@Wharton Program is for you. A combination of theory, real-world exercises and practical tools you can use back at the office will help you bridge that gap.

There are no prerequisite to attend this program – just a drive to learn and grow, and a desire master the numbers that will help you grow your bottom line. And of course all this happens alongside your EO peers who, like you, also have a deep thirst for learning!

If you’ve never experienced EO Executive Education offerings, don’t miss this chance for personal and professional growth. If you are an EO Executive Education junkie, you already know the value of participating together with members from all over the world, to grow your business, your network and your life.

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Greg Crabtree
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Chair, EO@Wharton: Elevating Finance + Operations


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