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Remember the playground? A world of boundless possibilities, a place where everything seemed possible and new discoveries were always just around the corner. Perhaps we have been so busy that we have lost that sense of wonder.

If we view life through the lens of curiosity over limitation, what would we find?
If we choose creativity over impossibility, what could we make?
If we guide our steps by optimism over fear, where could we go?

This is your invitation to play. Permission to try, fail, innovate and change. Your bid to shake up the rhythm of the everyday to find delight in unexpected surprises. Your call to dream bigger, take risks and step out boldly—and experience joy in the journey.

This November, gather with dreamers, changemakers and builders in Sydney, Australia as we wander through our imagination, build on the foundation we have created and find the confidence to look for a future beyond our own perceived limitations.

Join us 29 November – 3 December 2023 and let’s play it forward at 2023 EO Sydney University, featuring SingularityU Global Experts.

Return to EO Universities with your fellow EOers to embark on an adventure to: explore your imagination, build your playground and then give it a go.

World-class speakers

The 2023 Sydney University will feature SingularityU Global Experts. You will learn from business experts, experience diverse cultures and build relationships with members from around the world.


Once-in-a lifetime socials

The ever-evolving stylish Ivy lounge has been the backdrop of many iconic parties, and on the first evening of the 2023 Sydney University, we will come back together for a welcome back party. On the next night, get ready to experience true Australian beach life with a social by the sea! Join us from 29 November to 3 December 2023, and stay tuned about all the event’s evening socials!


Off-site activities

Join fellow EOers and explore the adventure of Sydney and its infinite landmarks—there will be no shortage of exciting activities to experience the culture, history, flavors and sights of this beautiful country!


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