Evening Socials

There are so many facets of Sydney’s culture to explore. During the day, we will be learning and exploring, in the evening it’s time to let loose. On the first night, you’ll get a taste of Australia as you dine in restaurants in trendy districts. The evening social program will build from there and take you to the city’s prime hot spots!

Not sure what to pack? Learn more about evening attire and the evening socials here.

Taste of Sydney

Wednesday, 11 March

Venue: Moveable Feast

We are excited to announce that on the opening night of the 2020 EO Sydney University, you’ll take part in a moveable feast at some of the city’s swankiest restaurants in Barangaroo. This won’t be a traditional dine-around night. Together with your group, you’ll enjoy local food and drinks at three different restaurants – one restaurant change for each course. There’s no question that this is the time to be a foodie in Sydney! All restaurants are within walking distance from the hotel. Please keep in mind when selecting your footwear that we will be departing from the Hyatt Regency with your group and walking 10 minutes to your first restaurant.

Check your badge for your dine-around group and departure time. The EO registration desk will open on Wednesday, 11 March.

Dress code: Smart casual/chic
We will be dining at some of Sydney’s trendiest restaurants in Barangaroo, so please dress the part! Let’s show the locals how stylish EOers can be. This is not a formal evening by any means, but you will be a part of the “local scene,” so think modern, metro fashion. Pressed jeans and stylish blouse with wedge heels or boots or fashionable dresses layered with tailored jackets for ladies and dark jeans with blazers and muted fashion-forward button-down shirts for men. Please keep in mind when selecting your footwear, we will be walking 10 minutes to the restaurants along the harbour.

EO Beach Club

Thursday, 12 March

Venue: Watsons Bay Hotel

Get ready to experience true Australian beach life with a social by the sea! Grounded on the sandy shoreline of one of Sydney’s most iconic harbour beaches, Watsons Bay Hotel—voted Sydney’s most Instagram-able venue—will be transformed into an EO beach club for the night. Arrive by water charter to this beachside retreat and take in the stunning harbour backdrop and sunset views this venue will offer. The open deck will serve as the perfect location to catch the summer breeze—enjoy a summer cocktail and party until the sun goes down. Enjoy down-to-earth Aussie food, with fresh seafood platters and canapes. This is a night to mingle and dance!

Dress code: Comfortable/casual
Get ready to experience true Australian beach life with a social by the sea! We want you to feel relaxed this night and enjoy a true beach party. Men, wear your perfect tropical button down-shirt and light slacks. Ladies may wear linen or light fabric pants and blouses or your favorite sundress. When considering footwear, please note that we will be walking from the hotel along the harbour and taking a 30 minute boat ride to the venue, so please consider wearing comfortable shoes and layers – it can get chilly along the water. The beach on the horizon is for ambiance only, so no need to pack your swimsuit.

Urban chic party night at the Ivy

Friday, 13 March

Venue: The Ivy

The ever-evolving stylish Ivy lounge has been the backdrop of many iconic parties, and on Friday evening, it will be open exclusivly to EO. Hop on a short bus transfer to Merivale’s inner-city hospitality precinct, followed by a guided stroll to its flagship venue, the Ivy. The urban chic style of the venue will come to life with velvet styling, pops of colour, signature aerialist acts and entertainment. This will be our signature party night—the DJ will have you dancing the night away in the Ivy’s club area. Food stations will catch your eye and mesmerize your tastebuds—Merivale is known for its exquisite and beautifully styled food.

Dress code: Casual/comfortable
The iconic and stylish Ivy lounge has been the backdrop of many legendary parties and on Friday evening it will be open exclusively to EO! This night is your night to party and lose yourself in the urban-chic scene! Please dress comfortably so you are able to move around the venue and dance with ease. Dresses with flowy layers and light tops with jeans are appropriate for the ladies and pressed jeans paired with fashionable t-shirts or button-up shirts are suggested for the men.

Cruising the Sydney Harbour on the Starship

Saturday, 14 March

Venue: The Starship

The Starship is Sydney’s premier floating event venue and will be the setting for our closing night. Enjoy floor-to-ceiling views of the city and the best sights of the coveted Sydney Opera House. You’ll be dazzled by artistic and sculptural styling—each level of the charter will be unique and eye-catching, playing to the artistic flair of the evening. This night we will celebrate the arts and opera through various creative displays and signature entertainment pop-ups. The party will make its way to the roof deck tier and will become the perfect setting to close out a night under the stars.

Dress code: White party chic/trendy
Who doesn’t love a themed party? Saturday night is a white party! The Starship is Sydney’s premier floating event venue and will be the setting for our closing night. This night is chic, so break out your trendiest all-white outfit – white jumpsuits, blazers, shirts, dresses, white khakis or jeans and more! When considering footwear, please consider that though there will be plenty of seating, we want you on your feet dancing all night aboard the Starship!