When you step foot in Sydney, Australia, you’ll quickly see it’s a city that offers more than its laid back, friendly reputation portrays. Sydney surprises with its startups and dynamic culture, fostering an entrepreneurial spirit inspired by a uniquely Aussie willingness to “give it a go.” As the home to a diverse global and native-born community, Sydney’s culture, flavors and business attitude have combined to define Sydney as a bustling hub of possibility and potential, creating thousands of unique viewpoints in one city.

From 11-15 March 2020, EO will give members an opportunity to view Australia and their own entrepreneurial path through a new lens as they unite, learn and develop with the University’s theme: 20/20 vision.

Join other entrepreneurs to define your legacy and gain long-term vision with Sydney’s future-focused progress as your inspiration. Your 20/20 vision requires more than just focus on your business–the 2020 EO Sydney University will equip you with the tools, ideas and friendships that affect all aspects of your life, from family to business to health.

Although Australia may be known for its kangaroos and coastline, 2020 EO Sydney University is your opportunity to gain a new view of this unforgettable country, its people and its entrepreneurial spirit.

Join us from 11-15 March 2020 in Sydney, Australia—and sharpen your future with 20/20 vision!