Soren Schroder Biography:

For the last 35 years I have worked in the global Agribusiness and Food industry. Initially as a commodity trader managing risk and supply chains globally, then in regional leadership roles managing processing and logistics assets, and finally as CEO of Bunge ltd until early this year.

Bunge is one of three international companies in Agribusiness and Food ingredients, with a global footprint heavily weighed towards South America. The company is over 200 years old and went public in 2001. The entire sector is experiencing significant disruption as consumer tastes and digital advances are changing how food is produced and how global supply chains are managed. I have lead major restructuring and cost reduction programs at the same time as we made significant strategic acquisitions, and also engaged in building out Bunge Ventures to establish close contacts with -and investments in -new companies in the industry with the potential to disrupt or augment.