Richard Keller Biography:

Can you describe your personal brand in One Word? As a CATALYST, Rich Keller is a proven disruptive thinker with a unique skill-set blending emotional brand building, financial acumen, and motivational leadership across large, medium, and start-up enterprises. With a Wharton MBA and 25 years of experience building identities for some of the world’s most iconic consumer brands (e.g. Godiva, Planters, Oreo), Rich creates transformation when he brings people and brands together. Rich believes this same magic can be achieved when you uncover the power of your personal brand.

Rich left his corporate career behind and now travels the country inspiring entrepreneurs to step into their power, by integrating their personal brands with their business ventures, so they can break through and become forces to be reckoned with (think Steve Jobs and Sarah Blakely). Sharing brand examples from his professional career, Rich guides entrepreneurs via a motivational journey by demonstrating how the power of just One Word (their core value) can transform how they and their business ventures are seen by the world in order to Stand-out / Conquer Obstacles / Reach Excellence…SCORE.