What should you expect? 

Attend INSEAD’s campuses in France and Singapore where you will:

  • Discover behaviors and skills that support a high-performance culture
  • Experiment with ways to increase your influence as a leader
  • Uncover your organization’s culture and recognize how it impacts your business
  • Determine the actions needed to support cultural evolution
Module 1

Module 1: INSEAD Fontainebleau Campus

March 2-4, 2022

Pre-module Preparation
Day 1
March 2
Day 2
March 3
Day 3
March 4

Complete Deep Partnering Questionnaire

Session 1: What is Culture? Why is it so valuable for high performance?

Session 2: Leadership vision to inspire & drive change. Introduction to Deep Partnering

Opening Social – Wine-tasting

Session 3: Offsite day in the Loire Valley exploring curiosity through the lens of Leonardo da Vinci at Clos Luce

Closing Dinner

Session 4: Role of the leader in mapping & shaping culture

Session 5: Leader as Cultural Anthropologist


Module 2

Module 2: Virtual Intermodular Action Plan

March – October 2022

Culture Mapping:
Keystone Behaviors:
Peer Meetings:

You will get to use the Culture Mapping technique practiced during Module 1 with members of your organization, allowing you to see where the culture is at its best and what gives employees moments where they feel most energized.

This will include meeting(s) with employees to map out the organizational culture and allowing them to describe moments at their best.

You will then use the skills learned to find Keystone Behaviors that enable these best moments.

This will include conducting interviews with employees, observations of key meetings and searching for examples from organizations that represent “positive deviants” – or new ways of enacting the culture you want to achieve in your organization.

You will meet with colleagues from module 1 to share your experiences with Culture Mapping and finding Keystone Behaviors.


Module 3

Module 3: INSEAD Singapore Campus

October 12-14, 2022

Pre-module Preparation
Day 1
October 12, 2022
Day 2
October 13, 2022
Day 3
October 14, 2022

Complete Social Capital Analysis

Session 1: Organization Culture
Gallery & Debrief the Virtual Action Learning Project Experiments

Session 2: Culture Mapping Canvas

Opening Social – Coriander Asian Team Cook-Off

Session 3: Leadership Influence, Power & Authority

Session 4: Team Performance & Decision Making

The Carter Racing Simulation

Closing Dinner

Session 5: Xchange Simulation Practicing high performance behaviors

Session 6: Develop & Use Social Capital

Session 7: Commitments to carry learning forward