GSA Certified Graduate: Kent Gregoire


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Full Name Kent Gregoire
Chapter EO US East Bridge
Email Address [email protected]
Phone Number +1-770-990-9119
Country of Origin USA

Signature Talk Overview

Category Business
Title Entrepreneurship Reimagined
Description Today, traditional capitalism is heavily criticized as the root cause for climate change, income disparities and more. However, capitalism remains the most powerful engine ever invented to channel human ingenuity at scale. As such, we are witnessing the emergence of a new way of conducting business: stakeholder capitalism. This new modern-day business model is anchored around purpose and a win-win-win approach that benefits everyone, including society at large and the environment around us.

After all, seven in every ten Americans believe that businesses have an obligation to improve societal and environmental issues. And, employees and consumers alike are willing to work for or buy from companies based on corporate values alone. Meanwhile, by focusing on a win-win-win approach, companies gain a competitive advantage, accelerate employee engagement – and therefore performance – and boost financial performance, among a long list of other benefits.

While many business leaders understand that stakeholder capitalism is both the right and the smart thing to do, they struggle with implementation. During this session, Kent Gregoire – the Founder and CEO of Symphony Advantage, and the Co-Founder of Stakeholder Business – will help entrepreneurs establish a concrete roadmap towards triple bottom line.

Format 15-30 min talk (TED-type)
1-day workshop
 1-hr keynote
½ day keynote
Rates (in US$, excluding travel) Domestic: US$4500.00 (includes Canada)
Virtual: US$1500.00
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US East
US Central
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