GSA Certified Graduate: Divakar Vijayasarathy


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Speaker Contact Details

Full Name Divakar Vijayasarathy
Chapter EO Chennai
Email Address [email protected]
Phone Number 0971585252223
Country of Origin UAE
Number of times onstage as a paid public speaker 1-5
Number of EO events spoken at 1-5

Signature Talk Overview

Category Business
Title Tax is Profit
Description As entrepreneurs we have always dreaded the notion of taxes- however what if I were to say “Tax is a potent resource to be harnessed”. Viewed from the perspective of purpose, tax can be a great enabler and this is the dimension we would explore in our conversation.
Based on my experience of successfully working and studying over 40 jurisdictions, I believe taxes are liberating and a useful tool for any entrepreneur, in a world where mobility of capital and resources is taken for granted. I view tax policy as a combination of demography, psychology, and behavioral economics.
In this talk, I shall take you through a fundamental step by step approach to understand, strategize and profit from taxes globally. At the end of our conversation, you shall leave with a simple set of rules you can adopt to take optimize your taxes.
Format  15-30 min talk (TED-type)
 1-hr keynote
 ½ day workshop
Rates (in US$, excluding travel) Domestic: $2000.00
International: $3500.00
Virtual: $1500.00
Regions where content is relevant and willing to travel  APAC
 North Asia
 South Asia
 US Central
 US East
 US West