GSA Certified Graduate: Antony Tinker


Internationally certified speaker, inspirational leadership mentor and exceptional team facilitator, Antony has been with EO for 10 years and held various global leadership roles. He works with C-suite and other senior leaders from around the world in healthcare organisations, to inspire them to their greatness. He has a real passion to share his strategies and frameworks with fellows EO members across the globe to help them become the leader they always knew they could be.

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Speaker Contact Details

Full Name Antony Tinker
Chapter EO UK-London
Email Address [email protected]
Phone Number 44.783.626.5688
Country of Origin UK
Number of times onstage as a paid public speaker 1-5
Number of EO events spoken at 1-5

Signature Talk Overview

Category Business
Title Unstuck! your journey to Performance and Smiles.
Description Antony takes you on an exploration into the three areas that need to be addressed in order to become the leader you’ve always wanted to be – ME, US and IT. Through this journey Antony shows insights and frameworks you can use immediately to help you and your team(s) get “unstuck” and start your journey to a world of accelerated performance and “smiles” – an engaged and happy team, feeling valued, responsible and up for the challenge. Expect to be inspired by the clarity and simplicity of the tools shared and to come away with really practical strategies to bring these to life in your organisation and life for rapid response. These insights and strategies work for large corporates, SME’s and individuals.
Format TED-type / 1-hr keynote
Rates (in US$, excluding travel) Domestic: $ 1,900 
International: $ 3,150 
Virtual: $ 1,250 
Regions where content is relevant and willing to travel Europe


2021-05-27 EO London, Live, Julia Kutser (Chapter Manager)