As entrepreneurs, we value the ability to work well within a team. Our companies depend on employees to collaborate together in a meaningful and impactful way helping our businesses to grow. Teamwork is critical at home too! Perhaps our family team’s success is our most important legacy of all, which is why we are honored to officially invite you and your ‘home team’ to the 2017 EO Family Retreat & Experience.

Last year’s program was a dynamic mix of both learning and fun. We’re excited for the chance to bring everyone together again! We’ll be back at the Four Seasons Resort at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, USA, for four days that will leave you and your family inspired and ready to grow stronger as a household.

Our goal is to help you achieve excellence as an individual and as a family. We will be building on the learning from last year so we can help you chart a new course for the coming year. You will also have the rare opportunity to engage with fellow EO families, while discovering new ways to approach leadership, teamwork and much more.

Your children are also an integral part of the event!  Growing up can be an adventure, so the program will strive to help them become a more confident, self-sufficient individuals and guide them to leave inspired to take action toward achieving their goals – all while showcasing EO’s core values of boldly going, cool, trust and respect, and peer-to-peer learning, which we have become so familiar with as members too. Children of all ages are welcome and we want them to take as much away from this event as you.

Of course, the family time you share with us will incorporate lots of fun too! We’ve tailoring the socials for the entire family and there will be free time sprinkled in for you to enjoy the beautiful surroundings in Orlando, the Four Seasons facilities and at Walt Disney World. Join us this year for a family retreat unlike any other and a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience for families!


Ted and Sarah Foster
EO Columbus

Scott and Kelley Walton
EO Birmingham

Sonny and Sheetal Balani
EO Chicago

Edward Lim
EO Philippines