Monday, 6 February

Dine-arounds in Reykjavik

Mingle with new and old friends on the first night of the Exploration, while you enjoy dinner in Reykjavik’s top restaurants!


Tuesday, 7 February

Group dinner at Geysir Restaurant

Geysir Restaurant was designed with the aim to reflect nature through the choice of materials blending into the nearest surroundings. You will enjoy an excellent experience in food and drink, with ingredients sourced directly from local farmers, in an unforgettable evening and in a beautiful environment.


Wednesday, 8 February

Group dinner at Ingólfskáli Viking House

Experience the feasts of the Vikings with a contemporary touch! Clench your thirst by drinking through a horn, eat with cutlery forged in fire and become strengthened by local ingredients that will leave you feeling like a true Viking.


Thursday, 9 February

Group dinner at Höfuðstöðin, Chromo Sapiens Exhibit

Höfuðstöðin is an art and culture destination that permanently houses Shoplifter / Hrafnhildur Arnardóttir’s monumental large scale installation Chromo Sapiens. At dinner, get immersed in Shoplifter’s installations, which engage and speak to a wide range of audiences: from art enthusiasts to people of all ages.


Friday, 10 February

Final night celebration at Aurora Basecamp

Aurora Basecamp is a one-of-a-kind facility, offering guests the chance to experience a realtime, indoor simulation of the Northern Lights, in a warm and relaxing environment. While celebrating Iceland Exploration’s closing night, expert guides will lead you out into the Icelandic night, and if the conditions are right, you’ll get breathtaking views and photos of the real thing!