This page contains information on the following:

  • Registration dates and times by region
  • Registration fees
  • Policies
  • Global Event Voucher
  • Event payment and cancellation policy
  • Visa information
  • Contact us


Local time/date in region registration opens

Asia Pacific (APAC)

5 October, 1 a.m. GMT

(ie. Auckland – 2 p.m. NZST – GMT +13)

South Asia (SA)

5 October, 8 a.m. GMT

(ie. New Delhi – 1:30 p.m. IST – GMT +5:30)

North Asia (NA)

5 October, 8 a.m. GMT

(ie. Beijing – 4:00 p.m. CST – GMT +8)


5 October 9 a.m. GMT

(ie. Lisbon – 10 a.m. WEST – GMT)


5 October, 10 a.m. GMT

(ie. Karachi – 3 p.m. PKT – GMT +5)

US East

5 October, 4 p.m. GMT

(ie. New York – 12 p.m. EDT – GMT -5)

US Central

5 October, 5 p.m. GMT

(ie. Chicago 12 p.m. CDT –GMT -6)

Latin America, Caribbean (LAC)

5 October, 6 p.m. GMT

(ie. Mexico City – 1 p.m. CDT – GMT -6)


5 October, 7 p.m. GMT

(ie. Montreal – 3 p.m. EDT- GMT -5)

US West

5 October, 8p.m. GMT

(ie. Los Angeles 1 p.m. PDT – GMT -8)


Registration fees –

Registration type

Registration fee – per person*



SLP guest


Individual guest



SLP guest

Priced to share one (1) overnight room with one bed throughout programme dates.

Individual guest

Priced for a member to bring a guest and NOT share an overnight room. The member and guest will each have their own hotel room throughout the programme dates.

Members and all guests

Included:All programme meals, accommodations, programme transportation needs, and activities as indicated on the agenda.
Not included:Airfare to and from Iceland, airport transfers upon arrival and departure, optional activities and personal incidentals.

Global Event Voucher

Save US$500 with your Global Event Voucher!

Starting March 2020, all new members will receive a US$500 event voucher to attend 2023 EO Iceland Exploration. You must register within 36 months of your official join date. However, the event for which you register can occur beyond this initial 36-month period. To apply the Global Event Voucher to your registration fees, check “Yes” during registration. The US$500 will automatically be deducted from your balance. Questions? Contact us at [email protected].

If you were unable to use your voucher due to Covid-19, you are granted a 12-month extension for member vouchers that expired beginning 1 March 2020.

Simultaneous interpretation

English will be the official language of the 2023 EO Iceland Exploration. We will not have the technological resources to offer simultaneous interpretation due to environmental conditions and the mobile format of the programme. It is recommended that attendees have a general understanding of the English language.

Inglés será el idioma oficial del 2023 EO Iceland Exploration. No tendremos los recursos tecnológicos para ofrecer interpretación simultánea debido a las condiciones ambientales y el formato móvil del programa. Se recomienda que los participantes comprendan inglés por su propia seguridad.

Inglês estará a língua oficial da 2023 EO Iceland Exploration. Não teremos os recursos tecnológicos para oferecer interpretação simultânea devido às condições ambientais e ao formato móvel do programa. Isso é recomendado que os participantes tenham um conhecimento satisfatório do idioma inglês para a própria segurança.

英语将成为 2023 EO Iceland Exploration 的官方语言。由于环境条件和程序的移动格式,我们将没有技术资源来提供同声传译。建议与会者对英语有一个大致的了解。

2023 EO Iceland Exploration の公式言語は英語です。環境や施設の理由で同時通訳は提供できませんので、ご了承下さい。可能であれば英語の聞き取れる方のご参加を進めております。

Payment and cancellation policy

2023 EO Iceland Exploration cancellation policy

Date cancelled

Non-refundable fee


On or before 31 October 2022

US$2,000 per person

Balance, less the US$2,000 non-refundable cancellation fee

On or after 01 November 2022

50 percent of total registration fee(s)

Balance, less the 50 percent deposit

On or after 14 November 2022

100 percent of total registration fee(s)

No refund

EO Events are open to EO members and their guests (over the age of 18). The registration fee for members and full guests includes: all programme meals, accommodations, transportation needs, and activities as indicated on the agenda. All other expenses are not covered by the registration fee, including but not limited to: airfare to and from Reykjavík, optional activities and personal incidentals.

The EO member must be in good standing at the time of the event. If member status changes between the time of registration and the start of the event, the cancellation policy below applies.

EO requires that members pay at least 50 percent of the total registration fee at the time of registration. The remaining 50 percent will be charged on 31 October 2022. EO reserves the right to automatically charge outstanding registration balances on that date according to the member’s payment information on file. EO will contact members immediately regarding expired or declined credit cards on file. If a member indicates payment by check, EO will issue an invoice for the remaining balance. Members wishing to change their payment information on file are to contact EO in advance of the date balances are to be charged.
Full payment of the registration fee is due by 7 November 2022. EO reserves the right to cancel unpaid registrations after this deadline. Cancellations and potential refunds will follow the schedule outlined above.



  • US$2,000 of the initial registration payment per person is considered a non-refundable fee.
  • No discount will be given to any member or spouse/guest attending a portion of the event.
  • This event is subject to 60 registered attendees and may be cancelled if this minimum is not reached.
  • Do not purchase any flights or other travel until the event is confirmed. If flights are booked prior to EO confirming the event, EO will not refund travel costs.
  • All cancellations must be communicated in writing and are processed according to the date they are received at EO headquarters.
  • All refunds at the time of the cancellation will be based upon the above policy.
  • If a member or guest fails to attend the event, it is considered a cancellation and no refund will be administered.
  • Exceptions to the cancellation policy are only granted in the case of a death in the immediate family (spouse or partner, children, parents, siblings) or for an emergency medical situation involving the member/guest, spouse or partner, or legal dependent. The member/guest must provide written documentation from a doctor certifying that the member/guest has a medical emergency that bars travel. If the request is made by 15 November 2022, a refund less the US$2,000 non-refundable fee per person may be granted. If the request is made after 15 November 2022, , a refund less 50 percent of registration fees per person may be granted. No exceptions will be made for other personal or business reasons. All written documentation and supporting documents must be received by one week after the event referenced to be considered for refund.
  • EO is not responsible for fees and/or charges paid by event attendees to hotels, airlines or any other third party.
  • Cancelling attendees can transfer their spot to another EO member in good standing. The cancelling member and the replacing member can choose to facilitate the money exchange themselves to avoid transaction fees. EO will transfer the registration once notification has been received from the selling member and a registration form has been received from the purchasing member. If the cancelling attendee chooses not to transfer funds directly with the replacing member, EO will facilitate the transfer and refund the money, less a US$100 transaction fee. The replacing member should contact [email protected] to register and send payment information.
  • If the event is sold out, EO will compile a waitlist.
    • During a waitlist situation, cancelling attendees have the option to transfer their registration OR if the cancelling attendee does not wish to transfer their spot, they may select to offer the spot to a person on the waitlist. EO will contact the next person on the waitlist and offer the available spot.
    • If the cancelling member transfers their registration or the available spot goes to the next person on the waitlist, the cancelling member and the replacing member can choose to facilitate the money exchange themselves to avoid transaction fees. If the cancelling member and replacing member choose not to transfer funds directly, EO will facilitate the transfer and the cancelling member will receive a refund, less a US$100 transaction fee. The replacing member should contact [email protected] to register and send payment information.
  • EO strongly recommends the purchase of travel insurance whenever signing up for an EO event as cancellation policies and penalties are strictly enforced. Travel insurance in many cases may cover unforeseen or uncontrollable situations that might affect your ability to attend an event. To obtain travel insurance, please contact your travel agent or visit and click on “quotes.” You should get quotes from up to eight travel insurance products. Please note that EO does not endorse any travel insurance products.
  • It is the responsibility of the member to arrange for travel, including, but not limited to, all immigration/visa-related costs and paperwork, in a timely manner for attendance at EO events. If a member fails to receive the appropriate approvals to enter a country in which he or she has purchased a registration, the member shall be subject to EO cancellation policies.
  • EO takes no responsibility for acquiring or monitoring the status of a visa for any member. EO can support members in their quest for immigration approval by providing the following: letters of invitation, hotel confirmation numbers (where applicable) and connections to the chapter members via the chapter manager. EO cannot sponsor members, guarantee costs or other monetary-related paperwork, or liaise with ministry/immigration/embassies/consulates on behalf of any member. 
  • If a member requires a sponsorship for entry into a country, the member assumes all risk associated with registering for the event prior to getting approval and finding sponsors; EO cancellation policies apply. Members are required to find other EO member sponsors on their own, including if using org or through the EO chapter hosting the event. EO staff will not broker sponsorships.