San Francisco, California, USA, has always drawn those who think and view the world differently, those unafraid of going against the grain. Where others see problems, they see innovation. Where others see impossible odds, they see the potential for growth.

In the 1840s, enterprising gold seekers left the safety of home and flooded San Francisco, hoping to make a fortune, but instead, established a city of commerce and influence. In the 1960s, counterculture icons and free thinkers embraced San Francisco as a haven for the unconventional and controversial, shattering social norms. In the 1990s, the tech boom’s epicenter fell squarely in the San Francisco Bay Area, transforming the human experience and cementing San Francisco as the birthplace of 21st century innovation.

When it comes to innovation in 2018, Singularity University has only amplified the San Francisco tradition. Empowering leaders to make an impact by forcing us to see things from a different angle, Singularity University encourages entrepreneurs to solve some of business and humanity’s biggest challenges. And if there is one group of people who understand the value of seeing things differently as they do in San Francisco and at Singularity University, it’s the members of EO.

In October 2018, Singularity University will come together with the attendees of the 2018 EO San Francisco University to engage in an unparalleled learning program—one that is the first of its kind for EO. Attendees of the University will equip themselves with forward-thinking practices that will expose the critical challenges and opportunities that lie ahead as we come together for three and a half days of exponential thinking, learning and innovation.

Kaleidoscope, the theme of the 2018 EO San Francisco University, celebrates seeing the world differently, appreciating the diversity of viewpoints, strengths and philosophies that shape entrepreneurs.

What will you see when you look ahead through the Kaleidoscope?