Rolf Schrömgens Biography:

Rolf is a serial entrepreneur. In 1999, while still attending university, he co-founded one of Europe’s best funded start-ups. But his second company, trivago, that he founded in 2005 became his largest success. He developed the hotel search engine with more than a billion Euro in revenue to one of Germany’s largest tech companies and brought trivago public at NASDAQ in 2016.

Still the CEO of the company, he drives trivago’s unique company culture that helps it to learn faster and be more agile than other companies of a comparable size.

Culture as the Foundation of a Learning Organization

In a fireside chat, Rolf will speak about how he started trivago, what lesson he learned on the way and how EO contributed to his entrepreneurial journey. He will give share how he developes his company as a continuous learning system and how company culture builds the basis for this.

In this keynote, you will learn:

  • Why company culture is the basis for agility and learning.
  • Why knowledge work needs a redefinition of the classical idea of leadership.
  • How millenials can be vital for your business success.