Leen de Bruyne Biography:

Leen de Bruyne is a seasoned entrepreneur with ten years of entrepreneurial experience at an age of just 33. He started a business in 2009 in innovative foldable glass systems for balconies and terraces. He was CEO of a company that went from zero to more than 1,000 thousand projects with 60 employees on board in only seven years. The company won several growth awards and one of the Top-100 fast growing businesses in the Netherlands.

Leen is married with three beautiful daughters, and they live in Papendrecht, The Netherlands. Leen is an EO member for 7 years now and will be the Learning Chair on the Dutch Board starting in FY 19/20.

He is also working as a personal and business coach for start-ups and scale-ups. Right now, Leen spends much of his time writing about personal development and is also developing full day seminars for entrepreneurs on the topic of Mental Health. He truly believes a successful entrepreneur is a healthy entrepreneur.

The topic Leen will discuss during EO’s Portugal University is a very personal story. Five years ago, he went through a rough season, with heavy personal and business setbacks. He hit rock bottom, suffering physically, financially and emotionally. It took him years to recover completely. The story contains lessons about what we can do to come to the essence of who we are. It is a story about starting over, about suffering and pain, but also wisdom and discovering new horizons. You are invited to join him on his inner journey.