Javier Olmedo & Sara Quiriconi Biography:

Javier Olmedo is living proof that you can be reborn, restart your life and redefine success on your own terms. As a renowned producer of television and events with more than 20 years of experience working in Music and Pay TV, Javier worked in over 51 countries as a producer of content and events. He founded his own recording studio, as well as succeeded at one of the most important production and management companies of artists in Mexico and as the Director of New Business and Coordinator in the Music Channel Division of Televisa Networks.

While this led him to professional success at just 33 years of age, the excesses in stress, food, alcohol and medications Javier took to control his weight and heart conditions were costing him his life.

In 2009, his doctor gave him less than 6 years left to live. Javier decided to leave the world of television to concentrate on healing his body and restarting his life. His journey to be “reborn” led him through Mexico, France, Brazil, China, Spain, India, Panama and the U.S.A. studying Yoga, Meditation, holistic and alternative therapies and nutrition systems to heal the body and the mind.

In 2018, Javier published his first book “Renacer en 90 Días” (R90D). R90D is a system of life that combines the nutrition of the body and the mind with exercise, meditation, visualizations and practical exercises to help people find their WHY in life. This system teaches participants, through the author’s learnings and experiences, how to develop tools to create a personal plan of success and achieve physical, mental and emotional health.

Today, Javier continues producing content of health, travel and wellness with his wife, Sara, under their production company, JUNTOSproductions, LLC.

Sara Quiriconi is a 15-year cancer survivor who is living proof that you can move through anything. A warrior, healer, creator and determined soul, Sara travels the world filming, interviewing, experiencing, sharing and creating online content, as well as speaking at events and life coaching to inspire others to live a life of choice, freedom and intention.

Graduating with honors and a BFA in Boston, Sara became immersed in the corporate world and succeeded in Art Direction and Graphic Design for the first eight years of her adult life. However, her immense passion to heal through fitness, healthy eating and exploring the world led her to leave the corporate world in 2013 with a commitment to educating others on the benefits of well-being and traveling. She fell in love with yoga for its self-healing properties and has been practicing since 2008.

Sara is featured as the Ambassador of Sanctifly Wellness Travel App and the Face of Fitness and Well-Being for both the international brand, Club Quarters Hotel, and New York City’s stylish Park Terrace Hotel on Bryant Park for in-room fitness and guide for healthy travel tips. Sara holds a High Honors BFA Degree in Advertising and Design with over 8 years in the professional corporate marketing world and now is a producer for edu-tainment content specializing in the wellness and travel sector. One of her greatest accomplishments is publishing “Living Cancer Free”, positively impacting the lives of those who read it. Her dream is to travel, speak and empower others to embody this message of healthier habits and inner warrior spirit.

Together, Javier and Sara offer conferences and workshops, as well as organize events inspiring others to be reborn and Live Free. Under their production company, JUNTOS, Javier and Sara continue to write and create new digital formats for digital platforms, TV channels and wellness brands under the health and travel categories.

How to Increase Your Personal WELLth Through Well-being

Being an entrepreneur is a long-term journey. We succeed in business strategy, networking and investing in our wealth accounts, but often we lack the planning, tools or strategies to maintain our own personal wellbeing. Like a car that needs proper maintenance run at its best, we entrepreneurs need that same level of proper care, to be focused, on top of our game and to thrive.

This session teaches you tools to handle the stresses of entrepreneurship and develops mental strength to continue on your personal journey. It lays out applicable exercises you will learn and physically DO in the workshop and how you can apply the tools in day-to-day situations. Discover how these strategies can increase your personal WELLth, and your company’s WEALTH as well.

You invest in your business. It’s time to invest in YOU.

In this session, you will:

  • Develop tools on how to handle emotional and mental stress as an entrepreneur using meditations and light movement exercises. Office attire is fine.
  • Create strategies to maintain well-being on your journey when traveling for business or on the road
  • Analyze how to use these learned strategies to increase your business’s ROI and employee retention, as well as increase productivity and presenteeism (being physically present on the job but being mentally distracted).