Ryan and Chelsea Avery Biography:

Entrepreneurs. World Record Holders. Kitchen dance party advocates. Chelsea and Ryan Avery created their thriving business and fulfilling relationship, implementing strategies gathered from research, experience and couples all over the world. They have been together for over 12 years and have liked each other for most of those years.

Ryan is a thoroughbred entrepreneur, starting his first business in 8th grade selling candy to his fellow students. He became the youngest World Champion of Public Speaking in history in 2012, with Chelsea as his coach.

Chelsea holds her Masters Degree in Social Work, loves stability and very much ‘learned’ to be an entrepreneur by association. They live in Denver, Colorado with their daughter Atlas and will be welcoming another little adventurer to their family later this year!

DIVE DEEPER: Navigating the Entrepreneurial World in Tandem

Relationships are complex. The entrepreneurial lifestyle can be intense. Being successful and feeling fulfilled in both takes a unique blend of communication strategies, goal setting and a lot of perseverance! Much like a successful business, fulfilling and lasting relationships don’t happen by chance, it is by making conscious choices. Get clear on goal setting and designing your best life, together.

In this insightful and value-filled workshop, Chelsea and Ryan Avery share exactly what it takes to build the best marriage with your spouse while also being an entrepreneur (or married to one). They provide strategies that make the journey as obstacle-free and intentional as possible.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Universal solutions and time-tested strategies to ensure your business, family AND your relationship thrive throughout the process
  • The processes and strategies Chelsea and Ryan Avery have implemented to successfully navigate growing their business in tandem for over a decade