Evening Socials

Get ready to experience a tapestry of scenes during our evening socials! You can look forward to dining in trendy restaurants, kicking up your heels up in traditional Portuguese folk dances, putting on your Sunday best for a formal dinner and being wowed by the stunning sunset over the Atlantic Ocean.

Downtown Lisbon Dine-Arounds

Wednesday, 29 May

This is the year to be a foodie in Lisbon – the city is having its moment and the restaurant scene is booming. Forbes recently referred to Lisbon as “Europe’s reigning capital of cool.” We will dine in some of the city’s swankiest restaurants and soak in the vibrant urban nightlife. Once we’ve arrived downtown, each group will be taking a leisurely 15-25 minute stroll through the main squares and picturesque side streets to take in the city scene prior to arriving at the restaurant.

Dress code: Smart Casual / Chic

Note: We will be dining at some of Lisbon’s trendiest restaurants, so please dress the part! Let’s show the locals how stylish EOers can be. This is not a formal evening by any means, but you will be a part of the “local scene,” so think modern, metro fashion: pressed jeans and stylish blouse with wedge heels or boots or fashionable dresses layered with tailored jackets for ladies and dark jeans with blazers and muted fashion-forward button-down shirts for men. Please keep in mind when selecting your footwear, we will be walking 15-25 minutes to the restaurants, sometimes on uphill and uneven sidewalks.

Quinta de Sant’Ana

Thursday, 30 May

Get ready to experience a lively Portuguese festival at the region’s most charming working farm with winery and vineyards. Enter through the cast-iron gates of this country estate, surrounded by ivy-covered walls, a manor house, a Baroque chapel with bell tower, lush gardens. The property overlooks rolling vineyards and eucalyptus forests as far as the eye can see. We are taking over the Quinta de Sant’Ana estate to enjoy the warmth of a traditional festival, live music and Portuguese barbeque in the most idyllic setting. Wander the grounds and explore every nook and cranny—this property is incredible!

Dress code: Comfortable / Casual

Note: This night is very casual, most of the venue is outdoors on the lawn and gravel pathways, so wear layers and sturdy shoes. We want you to be relaxed on this night and not worried about spilling a little Portuguese barbecue on your shirt.

The Adega Regional de Colares

Friday, 31 May

A chic evening awaits us complete with a formal plated dinner at the beautiful Colares Winery. The striking, industrial building dates back to the late 19th century, with an imposing interior housing wooden barrels, casks and vats with a capacity totaling more than 1 million liters. Imagine the barrel space above entirely transformed into an intimate dinner setting full of candlelight and elegance.

Dress code: Formal / Chic

Note: Don your most stylish suit or glamorous dress for a night on the town! Ladies can plan to wear a fashionable dress or pants and men will fare well in a handsome suit and tie. Most of the evening will be inside, but there will be a portion of the night hosted outside in the lush gardens and lawn at the entrance of the venue.

Arriba by the Sea

Saturday, 1 June

Arriba by the Sea offers an unbeatable ocean view in an uber modern beachfront setting. If the stunning sunset over the Atlantic Ocean isn’t enough to draw you to Arriba, Saturday night will be full of high energy music, delicious cocktails and bites and plenty of surprises to keep you entertained all night. Bring your dancing shoes and don your all-white outfit for the closing night’s white party!

Dress code: White Casual Chic / Trendy

Note: Who doesn’t love a themed party? Saturday night is a white party! This night is casual chic so break out your coolest white sneakers and all white outfit – white jumpsuits, blazers, shirts, dresses, white khakis or jeans and more. Think of this as a beach party night club. When considering footwear, there will be plenty of seating, but we want you on your feet dancing all night (and the floors are concrete)! The pool is for ambiance only, so no need to pack your swimsuit.