Simultaneous Interpretation

The Global Board of Directors passed a motion in June 2017 that would require Global Events to provide Simultaneous Interpretation for events where at least 10 Limited English Proficiency members from the same language attend. The languages for interpretation that will be offered will be Mandarin, Japanese, Portuguese should conditions be met.

Conditions for Simultaneous Interpretation to be offered:

  1. 10 members/full guests with Limited Proficiency English (LPE) for one language must register.
  2. Registrants for each language must be registered within the first 30 days of registration launch or when the University sells out, whichever comes first.
  3. Attendees must be full-paying attendees (limited-participation guests do not count)
    • The sessions that will be covered will be all General Sessions and one breakout, per concurrent breakout session.
  4. After the deadline, no cancellations, transfers or additional registrants will impact the decision made.
  5. If Limited Proficiency English members/guests cancel their attendance from the University after the deadline and should that bring the count to under 10, interpretation will still take place for that language.

Registration process:

When registering for the University, registrants will be asked the following questions:

  1. The official language of EO Global Events is English. Will you require interpretation from English to your language?
    • Yes – I have limited English language proficiency and require interpretation services
    • Maybe – I have limited English language proficiency, but I don’t know whether I require interpretation services or not.
    • No
  2. What is your primary language that requires interpretation from English? Please note, languages other than the three listed will not be interpreted.
    1. Mandarin
    2. Japanese
    3. Portuguese
  3. There must be a minimum of 10 registered full paying attendees per language in order for simultaneous interpretation services to be offered to attendees. I understand that if the minimum is not met during the prescribed time, interpretation services may not be offered. Please see the website for full details.
    1. Yes, I understand a minimum must be met.
    2. No, I do not understand and require more information.

Decision process:

  • If Registrants selected “yes” (I require simultaneous interpretation), you will receive a follow-up message from EO Global to confirm whether the minimum number of registrants was reached. By selecting “yes”, it does not guarantee that simultaneous interpretation services will be offered.
  • After the allowed time passes, the Events team will evaluate the data and communicate with registered attendees who indicated they required simultaneous interpretation and inform them whether the minimum was met in their language.

Questions? Contact the Events team at [email protected].