Learning Program

Over the course of three days, we will explore learning content that deep dives into the meaning of Discover New Horizons.

Learning Block 1: The Unknown | Wednesday Evening

Whether you’ve reached the top or feel like you’ve hit rock bottom, you’re facing a new challenge. Maybe you’ve sold your business or experienced a significant setback. Either way, you’re facing the daunting—yet thrilling—task of starting over. The future stretches out in front of you, full of endless possibilities. Where do you go from here?

Learning Block 2: The Voyage | Thursday

Your new challenge will make demands on you at a level beyond any you may have experienced before. This new adventure will require bravery, courage, new knowledge, greater leadership skills, strong relationships, a focus on health and so much more. Do you have what it will take?

Learning Block 3: The New World | Friday

As you look toward your new horizon, what can you expect from your new world? Within your new context, what can you learn from those who have braved these frontiers before you?

Learning Block 4: The Call | Friday Evening

It’s your purpose. It’s an unbridled passion. It’s an opportunity. But more importantly, it’s an awareness. The Call is your truth personified. Your experiences have led you here. Where will your adventure take you next?

Ryan and Chelsea Avery

Breakout Speaker at 2019 EO Portugal University

Entrepreneurs. World Record Holders. Kitchen dance party advocates. Chelsea and Ryan Avery created their thriving business and fulfilling relationship, implementing strategies gathered from research, experience and couples all over the world. They have been together for over 12 years and have liked each other for most of those years.

Ryan is a thoroughbred entrepreneur, starting his first business in 8th grade selling candy to his fellow students. He became the youngest World Champion of Public Speaking in history in 2012, with Chelsea as his coach.

Chelsea holds her Masters Degree in Social Work, loves stability and very much ‘learned’ to be an entrepreneur by association. They live in Denver, Colorado with their daughter Atlas and will be welcoming another little adventurer to their family later this year!

DIVE DEEPER: Navigating the Entrepreneurial World in Tandem

Relationships are complex. The entrepreneurial lifestyle can be intense. Being successful and feeling fulfilled in both takes a unique blend of communication strategies, goal setting and a lot of perseverance! Much like a successful business, fulfilling and lasting relationships don’t happen by chance, it is by making conscious choices. Get clear on goal setting and designing your best life, together.

In this insightful and value-filled workshop, Chelsea and Ryan Avery share exactly what it takes to build the best marriage with your spouse while also being an entrepreneur (or married to one). They provide strategies that make the journey as obstacle-free and intentional as possible.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Universal solutions and time-tested strategies to ensure your business, family AND your relationship thrive throughout the process
  • The processes and strategies Chelsea and Ryan Avery have implemented to successfully navigate growing their business in tandem for over a decade

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Jon Acuff

Keynote Speaker at 2019 EO Portugal University

Jon Acuff is the New York Times Bestselling author of six books including his most recent, Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done.

For 20 years he’s worked for some of the biggest brands in the world to tell their story, including The Home Depot, Bose, and Staples. Most recently, he’s spoken to hundreds of thousands of people across the country for companies such as Microsoft, Nissan, and Comedy Central. Featured regularly on national media, Jon has been seen on CNN, Fox News, Good Day LA and several other key outlets. He’s also written for Time, the Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Reader’s Digest, and MSNBC. Jon lives with his wife Jenny and two daughters in Franklin, TN.

Starting is Fun, but the Horizon Belongs to Finishers

According to a study conducted by the University of Scranton, 92% of resolutions fail.

That’s a staggering number considering how important goals are to carrying entrepreneurs toward new horizons.

What if we could do some simple things to improve how often we finished what we started? What if there unexpected things that were holding us back from being the leader we need to be? What if we could get more done in a world of bottomless opportunities and endless distractions?

New York Times Bestselling Author Jon Acuff says you can.

Years ago, when he started his own business, Jon quickly realized that in order to reach new horizons, entrepreneurs have to continually reach new goals. He also suspected goal-completion was not luck or genetics. So, he commissioned a study with a PhD researcher to test what makes a person a CONSISTENT FINISHER instead of just a CHRONIC STARTER. For six months, they studied nearly 900 people as they worked on goals that mattered to them.

The good news is, the research shows you can learn to finish. It’s not a natural talent some people have and others do not. It can be taught. Not only that, it can be fun and it can be fulfilling.

Starting is fun, but the horizon belongs to finishers.

In this keynote, you will learn:

  • How to identify the four parts of a goal and understand which your team needs to focus on the most.
  • Discovering the impact fun has on both satisfaction and performance.
  • Dealing with the secret rules, limiting beliefs and self-sabotage that often keep entrepreneurs from crossing new finish lines.

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Jen Groover

Breakout Speaker at 2019 EO Portugal University

Jen Groover has been tagged by SUCCESS MAGAZINE as a “One-Woman Brand,” a “Creativity and Innovation Guru” and a leading “Serial Entrepreneur” by Entrepreneur Magazine and ranked #8 by SAP in the Top 51 Influencers of Human Potential. Jen Groover’s name has become synonymous with innovation, entrepreneurship, evolution and human potential. She was recently nominated as a UN delegate to the first ever Global Accelerator for the Global Entrepreneurs Council. She also made history at the NYSE, as a member of the first all-female group to ring the opening bell, made Forbes’ list of “50 Founders You Need to Follow on Twitter” and was nominated “TV Personality of The Year Award” in 2013 by Savor the Success.

As a successful serial entrepreneur, author and thought leader in human potential, as well as a retired National Level Fitness Competitor, Jen Groover’s energy and multi-faceted, diverse wisdom and experiences have made her a highly sought after International speaker for over 20 years on topics ranging from: Optimizing Human Potential for increased Success and Happiness, Emotional Intelligence, Empowerment, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Wellness and Energy Management, Branding, Effective Communication Skills, through to Empowered Parenting. She has keynoted to audiences up to 30,000 people in stadiums, to leading intimate workshops for smaller groups, as well as online symposiums. Her clients have ranged anywhere from Fortune 500 Companies to top universities, business and wellness organizations, chamber of commerces, women’s groups, high schools to non-profits.

Her influence and leadership have aligned her with amazing brands, such as USANA Health Sciences, Avon, Verizon and SkyMall, for which Jen has had various roles as a spokeswoman and consultant. She is also a leading performance coach for CEO’s, top business executives, entrepreneurs to professional and Olympic athletes.

Jen has been a top business and lifestyle contributor and content creator for major television networks such as ABC, CBS, CNBC, NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, Fox News, Fox Business News, and CW. She and her products have also been featured on QVC. Jen also has regularly contributed editorial pieces to several prominent business magazines and online resources including The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc. Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Positively Positive, and The Story Exchange. Her products, brand, and work have been featured in hundreds of media outlets including O! The Oprah Magazine, Redbook, People, US Weekly, SUCCESS and Entrepreneur.

Optimized Potential Through Emotional Intelligence

As a speaker and entrepreneur for 20 years, Jen Groover transforms and uplevels lives almost instantly through diverse education and life experiences. Her unique multi-disciplined approach will teach you how to optimize every aspect of your life by becoming more aware of the things that hold you back (limited beliefs, self-sabotaging habits, fears, etc.) and give you tools and new perspectives to live to your greatest, most expansive potential. Her easy-going storytelling style will leave you inspired, laughing and may even provoke a few other emotions (like a tear or two) that will make you take action..

In this session, you will:

  • How to become more mindful of the beliefs and habits that hold you back from achieving more of your goals.
  • How to optimize your body and brain to work smarter (with more laser focus) instead of harder.
  • How the health of your relationships is in direct proportion to your success and happiness, and how to have better communication skills, more compassion, empathy and understanding to enrich all of your relationships.

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Marty Klein

Breakout Speaker at 2019 EO Portugal University

Dr. Marty Klein has been a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Certified Sex Therapist for over 30 years—that’s some 40,000 sessions with men, women, and couples.

Marty is the award-winning author of seven books on sexuality and relationships, including the ground-breaking Sexual Intelligence. Psychology Today simply says “To improve your sex life, buy this book.” Marty frequently appears in the popular media, such as The New York Times, National Public Radio, and The Daily Show. Marty is an outspoken critic of many popular and clinical ideas about sexuality and emotional health, and is a dedicated advocate of sexuality training for psychologists, physicians, attorneys, clergy, and school boards. He recently gave two Congressional briefings on evidence-based sex education.

Each year Marty speaks to thousands of people across the U.S., Europe, and Asia—some 35 countries to date. Audiences consistently call his talks thought-provoking, down-to-earth, and entertaining.

Sexual Intelligence for Entrepreneurs

In business, as we all know, performance is central.

In the world of sex and relationships, however, performance takes a back seat to many other things. These include intimacy, desire, empathy, communication, and most of all, emotional presence.

Satisfying sexuality involves much more than friction. And so to make sex more enjoyable—and to increase desire—better performance is not the answer. In fact, focusing on better performance undermines sex. It fills sex with anxiety, makes sex mechanical, and it creates emotional distance. It ultimately decreases desire, because people can fail. And no one hates to fail more than an entrepreneur.

What most people really want from sex is a sense of relaxation, playfulness, self-acceptance, and connection. And to feel special and desired. And so the familiar tools of entrepreneurs—working harder, solving “problems”—don’t work.

But if enhancing sexual satisfaction isn’t about better performance—or exotic positions, new toys, or losing ten pounds—what does make sex more enjoyable? What does enhance desire?

Master sex therapist and marriage counselor Dr. Marty Klein will discuss Sexual Intelligence—what it is, how we develop it, and how it can lead to more pleasure and intimacy. He’ll discuss how to create sex at which no one can fail. He’ll talk about how people can transition from lust-driven sex to adult eroticism. And he’ll show you how to take the performance out of sex for good.

You’ll learn what Marty means when he says “Sex is more than an activity—it’s an idea.”

In this keynote, you will learn:

  • Why focusing on improving performance undermines, rather than enhances, sex;
  • Why improving desire and satisfaction involves emotional skills more than technical ones;
  • How to understand the role of Normality Anxiety in sexual decision-making;
  • What to focus on during sex instead of “function” and “dysfunction;”
  • Why self-help books and websites can make sexual difficulties worse;
  • Why we should emphasize the similarities between male and female sexuality more than the differences.

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Jason Latimer

Keynote Speaker at 2019 EO Portugal University

“The right question changes everything. Our next cure, our next technology, our next revolutionary change… will come from a question that has never been asked. Wonder changes the world.” – Jason Latimer

As a magician, Jason is the series champion of the BBC One’s The Magicians, the recipient of Siegfried & Roy’s Masters of the Impossible Award, and was bestowed with magic’s highest honor, “Grand Prix ‘Best Overall’ World Champion of Magic.” With his undefeated resume of championship wins, Jason is one of the judges with Penn & Teller on SyFy Channel’s magic competition Wizard Wars. In 2018, Jason joins David Copperfield and David Blaine as one of the few recipients of the prestigious and highly coveted Golden Grolla Award from the Masters of Magic.

As a scientist, Jason is the creator of “Impossible Science” the academic platform uniting magic and science to inspire wonder in education. Latimer is the Curator of Impossible Science of the iconic Fleet Science Center in San Diego, CA but his STEM program has expanded to science centers throughout Southern California. Impossible Science labs, festivals, exhibitions, live shows, and digital series with Comic Con HQ have inspired hundreds of thousands of visitors to embrace their ability to ask a question. Currently, the Fleet Science Center is in construction of a new exhibition wing to permanently offer Impossible Science for the next 10 years. While in Downey, CA, Impossible Science Festival with the Columbia Memorial Space Center has grown to become the official LA Science Festival “City of STEM.” Recently, Engineering.com and Latimer launched the Impossible Science Student Challenge, a competition of thousands of participating schools across the US and Canada to find the classroom doing the most to inspire curiosity within Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Today, Jason co-hosts Science Channel’s new series SciJinks with Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki and Mythbusters: The Search’s Tamara Robertson. At Education First’s Global Leadership Summit, in both New York and Berlin, Jason follows previous keynote speakers Al Gore and Dr. Jane Goodall with his keynote address on The Influence of Technology on Society. While in Washington DC, at the largest science festival in the country (370,000+ Attendees) and following last year’s speaker Elon Musk, Jason gave the closing keynote of the USA Science and Engineering Festival on Impossible Science and Education Through Curiosity.

Jason Latimer is not only changing education, he is on a mission to globally inspire wonder.

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Rolf Schrömgens

Keynote Speaker at 2019 EO Portugal University

Rolf is a serial entrepreneur. In 1999, while still attending university, he co-founded one of Europe’s best funded start-ups. But his second company, trivago, that he founded in 2005 became his largest success. He developed the hotel search engine with more than a billion Euro in revenue to one of Germany’s largest tech companies and brought trivago public at NASDAQ in 2016.

Still the CEO of the company, he drives trivago’s unique company culture that helps it to learn faster and be more agile than other companies of a comparable size.

Culture as the Foundation of a Learning Organization

In a fireside chat, Rolf will speak about how he started trivago, what lesson he learned on the way and how EO contributed to his entrepreneurial journey. He will give share how he developes his company as a continuous learning system and how company culture builds the basis for this.

In this keynote, you will learn:

  • Why company culture is the basis for agility and learning.
  • Why knowledge work needs a redefinition of the classical idea of leadership.
  • How millenials can be vital for your business success.

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Rachel Wilson

Breakout Speaker at 2019 EO Portugal University

Rachel Wilson spent the first 15 years of her career at the National Security Agency (NSA). Over the course of her NSA career, she held several key senior executive level leadership positions. Between 2008 and 2010, she ran NSA’s counterterrorism operations and led a global enterprise in detecting and disrupting terrorist plotting against the United States and its allies. Between 2010 and 2012, Rachel served as NSA’s Chief of Operations in the UK working out of the US Embassy in London. In this role, she worked with UK intelligence services to counter terrorist and cyber threats to the 2012 Olympics. Returning to the US in 2012, Rachel spent nearly five years leading NSA’s cyber exploitation operations within NSA’s Tailored Access Operations. In this capacity, she led the planning and execution of thousands of cyber exploitation operations against a wide array of foreign intelligence, military, and cyber targets and served as the committing official for many of NSA’s highest risk and most important intelligence-gathering activities.

In April of 2017, Rachel became the first Head of Cybersecurity for Morgan Stanley Wealth Management and Investment Technology. She is responsible for protecting the cybersecurity of Wealth Management and Investment Management systems and the integrity and confidentiality of Firm and client data. She advises on cybersecurity issues ranging from secure code development standards, secure network architecture, vendor relationships, Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) detection and mobile security. Rachel leads Morgan Stanley Wealth Management Field and Client education and communication on cyber risk, threats and mitigations. She and her team drive innovation for new cybersecurity and authentication technology.

In her private capacity, Rachel advises individuals, corporations and institutions on cybersecurity best practices and strategies, and she is a leading thinker on protecting children and teenagers from cyber threats. She is a sought after speaker for technology and financial sector forums and has recently presented at the National Association of Plan Advisors (NAPA) 401k Annual Summit, the Portfolio Management Institute (PMI) Annual Conference, the Association of Professional Investment Consultants (APIC) Annual Conference, the National Association of Stock Plan Professionals Annual Conference and the Barron’s Top Women Advisors Summit. She holds a BA from Wellesley College and an MA from the University of Chicago. Rachel and her husband live in New York City with their two children.

From the Dark Web to Wall Street

Join cybersecurity expert Rachel Wilson to learn about the current cyber threat landscape and how hackers and fraudsters are targeting you, your family and your business. Based on 15 years experience at the NSA and her current role defending one of the world’s largest banks, Rachel will open your eyes to the risks you face. She will give you practical tips and best practices for how to raise your cybersecurity quotient and reduce your risk of being attacked.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How cyber actors are targeting us, our families and our businesses to steal our confidential information and monetize access to our devices, systems and networks.
  • What we can all be doing to identify and defend against cyber threats, mitigate cyber risk, protect our information and prevent cyber-attacks and cyber-enabled fraud.
  • How greater cybersecurity awareness can improve the defenses of individuals, families and communities, as well as reduce global cyber risk.

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Dr. Valerie Young

Breakout Speaker at 2019 EO Portugal University

Dr. Valerie Young is an internationally-recognized expert on impostor syndrome. She’s brought her humorous yet highly practical approach to impostor feelings to such diverse organizations as Boeing, Facebook, BP, Intel, Chrysler, Apple, Microsoft, McDonald’s, Emerson, IBM, Merck, Ernst & Young, Proctor & Gamble, Raymond James, McDonalds-Europe, the Space Telescope Science Institute, UK College of Policing, Society of Women Engineers, Women in Manufacturing, Harvard, MIT, Stanford and 85 other universities in the US, Canada, and Japan.

Valerie’s advice has been cited in popular business outlets around the world including Yahoo Financial News, CNN Money, BBC radio, Time, The Wall Street Journal, USA Weekend, O magazine, Entrepreneur, Inc. Science, Elle, Redbook, Woman’s Day, The Chicago Tribune, The Globe and Mail, and The Sydney Morning.

Her award-winning book The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women: Why Capable People Suffer from Impostor Syndrome and How to Thrive in Spite of It (Crown Business) is available in five languages and useful for both men and women.

How to Feel as Bright and Capable as They "Think" You Are: Why Capable People Suffer from Impostor Syndrome and How to Thrive in Spite of It

The actor Mike Myers once said, “At any time, I still expect that the no-talent police will come and arrest me.” He’s not alone. Millions of people around the world — from senior leaders to bright college students to Oscar winners — secretly worry they’re not as bright and capable as other people “think” they are. It’s called the impostor syndrome and it hurts individuals and the bottom line. Fortunately, there is a cure.

In this lively and surprisingly upbeat interactive talk you’ll discover:

  • Why the impostor syndrome is not “just low self-esteem.”
  • Creative ways “impostors” discount or minimize their success.
  • Perfectly good reasons why smart people feel like frauds.
  • How your personal “Competence Type” may be setting you (or your employees) up to fall short.
  • Procrastination, workaholism, and other unconscious coping strategies “impostors” use to avoid being found out.
  • The high cost of the impostor syndrome to organizations.
  • Why women may be both more susceptible to and held back by impostor feelings.
  • The critically important difference between people who feel like impostors and those who don’t – and why it matters.
  • Three practical, immediately usable strategies to deal with impostor syndrome for yourself or your employees.

You’ll walk away with practical, immediately usable strategies to help yourself, your employees, and even your children to interrupt the impostor syndrome and end needless self-doubt.

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