Anchored into a far corner of Western Europe, Portugal is a country with a history of exploration and discovery. In the early ages, famous Portuguese adventurers were known for taking fearless journeys into the unknown, making adventure the lifeblood of the country. Now, it is only fitting that Portugal serves as the location for EO’s next Global University and an inspiration for this year’s theme: DISCOVER NEW HORIZONS.

From 29 May – 2 June 2019, EO will bring entrepreneurs from all over the world together for an unforgettable learning journey in Cascais, Portugal, one of the country’s most charming coastal towns and a seaside resort of Lisbon. Attendees of the 2019 EO Portugal University will have the opportunity to discover new horizons in their business and personal lives from this country that is a growing mecca for entrepreneurs.

This enchanting corner of the continent has displayed its global reach over past centuries through epic navigation, wealth, trade, and technology which now shape the world. But along with its deep-rooted past, EOers will also discover its present day appeal—revitalized cityscapes, dramatic coastlines, a surging food culture, and a growing economy.

Once a well-kept secret, Portugal has revealed itself as an up-and-coming European business hub where entrepreneurs can hit the ground running. In recent years, Portugal has seen an expansion in entrepreneurship with a growth of technology incubators and accelerators putting down roots in the country. The country’s voyage into the unknown waters of entrepreneurship pays homage to its rich history in adventure.

Join us May 2019 and Discover New Horizons at the 2019 EO Portugal University. This is one EO event you won’t want to miss!