Hyderabad’s Footprint

How does a pearl evolve into precious silicon? Look to Hyderabad for the answer.

Once the pearl capital of the world, much of Hyderabad’s rich business legacy is the result of its erstwhile dynastic rulers, the Nizams. Once the epitome of socio-economic and civic progress across India, Hyderabad has only gone from strength to strength since it began pioneering innovation and embracing Jugaad in the 1930s when Bidriware and other local handicrafts ruled the commerce roost.

In recent years, Hyderabad has reinvented itself as an information technology hub, with infrastructure and strategy inspired by the booming success of America’s Silicon Valley. The city has also displayed an aptitude for and steady growth in other industries: insurance, bio-sciences, hospitality, and finance among them.

Aided by a central location makes the trade with major markets straightforward and quick, Hyderabad is within three hours of major domestic and international commerce nerve centers: New Delhi, Mumbai, Dubai, Colombo, Singapore, and Bangkok. The city is blessed with capital of all kinds: natural resources, brilliant minds, and a wealth of ready investment. There is only room to expand.

In Hyderabad, the essence of Jugaad’s approach of achieving great things in the face of unique challenges is present in how an SME approaches business. In corporate India, you will witness Jugaad’s other facet, of bringing together a variety of business approaches to do great things in the face of adverse conditions.

And best of all, you will see how both approaches (and more) co-exist side by side; feeding off each other; lending one another a synergy that embodies what Jugaad is at its core. Registration for the University launches in just a few weeks. Register on 15 May to learn more at the 2017 EO Hyderabad University!

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