Join the EO/London Business School Growth Forum (EO/LBS) for a transformative learning experience on growing your business.


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The EO/London Business School Growth Forum (EO/LBS) delivers over time a growing set of tools and frameworks that will help any EO member better manage the challenges that inevitably await them along their growth journey. Uniquely in the EO Executive Education portfolio, with a new faculty lineup and all-new material every year, EO/LBS is designed so that EOers can return multiple times to add more tools to their entrepreneurial toolkit.

EO/LBS stands out among EO’s Executive Education programmes in its use of the case method, using cases on real, EO-like companies that the faculty often know intimately. The cases invariably ask EO participants what they would do about the dilemma the case protagonist faces. As a result, this style of learning is far more interactive, engaging and experiential than most traditional lectures. 

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What’s in store for you as an EO/LBS participant?

✔️ 4 days of faculty-led sessions and study group work culminating in a concise, one-page growth plan tailored to each EOer’s business.

✔️A deep-dive assessment of your growth opportunity, alongside world-class faculty at a top business school

✔️ Connections, peer learning, and inspiration with over 70 growth-minded EOers from around the world

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Registration for EO/LBS 2024 is now closed! Please join the interest list!

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