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EO members have an insatiable thirst for learning and are constantly looking for the next great innovative idea that will propel their business further. At the EO/London Business School Growth Forum, members can participate in engaging case-method learning to analyze and develop groundbreaking strategies and skills that will help their businesses grow.

At this exclusive EO Executive Education program, attendees will have unparalleled access to faculty of the London Business School who will provide the tools to create personal business growth strategies needed to gain a competitive advantage in this complex global economy. This program differs from other EO Executive Education opportunities because it is taught in the case study method. Case-methodology learning requires substantial advance preparation by the participants, who will come together at LBS and engage in lively and often memorable case discussions. This method of learning helps participants better retain information because they often see a bit of themselves in the protagonist and the situation covered in the case. Expect to leave the program with an actionable business growth plan—whether you execute that plan the very next day or develop it further after the event concludes, the ideas you generate at the EO/ London Business School Growth Forum will steer the course of your business.


The next London Business School Growth Forum Executive Education program will take place 1-5 March 2020! Registration is limited to only 70 participants and will open this coming October. Please join the interest list here to be the first to know about EO/LBS 2020.

EO Executive Education events are open to EO members.

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