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Welcome back to EO at London Business School!  And no, you didn’t miss registration.  We’re launching in January this year as direct feedback from members of prior classes, who told us that the amount of time between registration and reading materials was too long.  So, get ready!

As soon as registration completes, we’ll assign Study Groups, Study Group Leaders and start planning calls and sending materials.  I’m really excited to announce a number of other great changes to the program.

If you’ve attend before, you’re familiar with E-Wing at LBS.  Well, we’re moving to the central building just across the courtyard to a large classroom with floor to ceiling windows, views of Regent’s Park, way more space and all the study group rooms we need within eyesight of each other.  It will be a fantastic way to keep the class together and drive a little competition (you know who you are that stay later than every other study group to say you did!).

We’re keeping our traditional case study methodology with a protagonist (the central figure with a problem) to illustrate an issue from one or more angles. In reviewing the story, which often hides the real names of the businesses and people involved, you use your own experiences to shape ideas of what the protagonist might do next.  The true details of the story, as it unfolds, can be frustrating, rewarding and revealing, all at the same time.  Sitting in the classroom, we’ve watched EOers consistently challenge the cases, the protagonists and the options; it’s been exciting and educational.  Asking the obvious questions doesn’t always lead you to the answer, and so together we may experience an entirely new line of thinking.

This year, the EO/London Business School Growth Forum will bring new instructors, new content, new challenges and new classmates together to expand our views and bring key skills home to our businesses. This year, we will begin with a Study Group dinner on the night of Sunday, May 6th, so be sure you’re there on time!  We will start class with our traditional Regent’s Park picnic and finish with a MyEO themed event.

I’m really honored to be able to lead this group again.  Standing in front of 70 EO members from across the world and sharing content, experiences and challenges is one of the most humbling and rewarding jobs I have.  I look forward to welcoming you should you choose to take up the challenge to join me in London from 6-10 May 2018 to learn, grow and connect!

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Kristin McLane
EO Cincinnati
Chair, EO/London Business School Growth Forum


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