Prof. Justin Craig

Academic Chair

Bond Business School

Dr. Justin Craig has worked in, on with and for family enterprises since he was eleven. In addition to positions at Bond University, where he is a Full Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise, he has held faculty positions at Oregon State University, Northeastern University in Boston, and the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University (where he holds a Visiting Professorship). He completed undergraduate degrees in Business and Psychology (with Honors) at Griffith University and a Master’s in Counselling and a PhD in Behavioural Science at Bond University. He has Co-Directed the Australian Centre for Family Business at Bond University (with Professor Ken Moores) and the Centre for Family Enterprises at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management (with Professor John Ward).

Dr. Craig has authored 49 peer-reviewed academic publications, numerous book chapters and teaching cases, and has co-edited several books, all aimed at better understanding the challenges of entrepreneurial business-owning families across the globe.

His 2017 book (with Ken Moores) Leading a Family Business: Best Practices for Long Term Stewardship (Praegar Publishing) considers the differences between leadership in family enterprises and non-family enterprises; the entrepreneurial capabilities needed by executives in family-based firms; and the use of power, identification, and motivation in managing their responsibilities both at home and in the workplace. The book details two frameworks to better understand the best practices of leading a family business: a firm-level frame focused on these four critical areas of difference (architecture, governance, entrepreneurship, and stewardship) and an individual one that mirrors these in terms of the skill set and mindset successful leaders need to develop.

Dr. Craig works closely with family business leaders, their consultants, and advisors, and trains and presents to members of enterprising families from most sectors and countries worldwide.

  • Doctor of Philosophy , Bond University
  • Master’s in Counselling, Bond University
  • BPsych(Hons), Griffith University
  • BBus, Griffith University

Carlo G. Santoro (MEI)

EO Facilitators

Bond Business School

Carlo is a successful entrepreneur who has built a stable and successful IT consultancy digital agency for retailers. RetailCare is the tech company every retailer has been looking for. While on this journey Carlo has built many other start-ups from an online Underwear company to online training companies also a successful exit from a retail franchise business in Flight Simulation operating in 9 countries. Carlo is an author of a best-selling book on retailing in the modern age, these two books are available on Amazon . Carlo has a beautiful family, wife Debra and two young children Silvia and Romeo.

Carlo has completed a Masters in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and also a Masters in Entrepreneurship & Innovation at the Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship.

Carlo’s life in EO started in 1996 as one of the founder of the Melbourne Chapter and is still an active member of the chapter in Australia. The leadership journey has seen Carlo in most areas of EO from Moderator of his forum to President, Area Director, Region Council Chairman, Global Committee Chair , Global Board of Directors and most recently the Chairman of the Leadership Academy.

While working on all these leadership roles in EO he has also become a master facilitator across many areas of EO developing a wide skill base to help many members grow and learn. With this history and experience Carlo has become known as the “how to guy”.

Nick Bloor

EO Facilitators

Bond Business School

At the age of 19 Nick dropped out of law school to pursue his dream of making a difference. Through his love of plants Nick went on to found his first EO qualifying company Technigro and over the next 2 decades steered this family business to become Australia’s most awarded urban greenspace contractor. After selling Technigro in 2013, Nick pivoted to focus on technology and is currently Co-Founder and CEO of the IVM Group, a business with a mission to improve people’s lives through plant science.

As acknowledgement of his contribution to the environment, entrepreneurship & family enterprise, Nick has been recognised as Family Business Australia’s Entrepreneur of the Year.

Nick lives on Queensland’s spectacular Gold Coast with his wife Tracey and their two sons Josh and Sam. Outside of business, Nick is the Founding Chairman of the Gold Coast Botanic Gardens and enjoys sailing, camping and running marathons.