Elevate your perspective. Go further, together.

EO friends and member-leaders,  

It is our great honour to invite you to the 2023 Global Leadership Conference in coastal, Cape Town, South Africa from 25 – 27th April – the 26th such gathering in EO’s history.

As leaders in this special, global community, you are among the builders, creators, problem solvers and change makers who – together – make up what is an unquestionably powerful force for development and opportunity in your local communities and around the world.

But you are also individuals on your own learning journeys, and EO’s 2023 Global Leadership Conference is here to fuel your growth.

Over the course of three days, you will enhance your ability to influence your community and lead your peers. From global experience shares, you will gain access to the deep well of inspiration that sustains our entrepreneurial ecosystem, embodies what is possible, and amplifies our personal and collective drive.

Put simply: you will gain the tools and relationships to ELEVATE your view from wherever you are today, to wherever you aspire to be tomorrow. And together, we will build highly-trained chapter boards that lay the foundation for a resilient and transformational year ahead. There is almost no better use of personal and chapter resources than attending GLC.

It is purpose-built training for the unique visionaries among us who raise their hands as volunteers throughout the year and say, YES to servant leadership. YES, I will create value for EO members through my chapter or region. YES, I will learn strategies for engaging and leading my peers. And YES, I will be part of the team fortifying EO’s future.

By volunteering and serving, you will have earned access to this special member benefit that adds up to three of the most enriching and energizing days of your entrepreneurial life.

It is EO’s gift to recognize and celebrate you.

Join us, and let’s get ready to ELEVATE!   

Lynn Anstett
EO Chair Elect FY2022/2023

Tom McManus
2023 GLC Planning Team Lead


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