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What is the Global Leadership Conference (GLC)?

For decades, EO’s Global Leadership Conference – or GLC – has played a critical role in defining leadership paths, serving as a point for success and significance within the EO ecosystem.

GLC is the organization’s flagship event, which empowers member leaders with the tools, knowledge and networks they need to excel in their new chapter leadership roles. Alongside leadership training, GLC provides a moment for members from across the world to engage with thought leaders, make life-enhancing connections with other members and unleash their potential.

Why should I attend GLC?

GLC is THE EO event of the year – it’s an opportunity for members to learn and engage with fellow members across the world!

You’ll access to ground-breaking learning opportunities with thought leaders, as well as opportunities to network with like-minded members through MyEO events, connect with businesses through EOxpo and network one-on-one in-person or through the Swapcard platform.

In-person attendees also have the option to explore Washington, DC and Barcelona, Spain!


When is the event?

GLC 2022 will be held in Washington, DC, Barcelona, Spain, and virtually from 23 – 26 April 2022.

  • 23- 24 April: Barcelona (Spoke)
  • 24 – 26 April: Washington DC (Hub)
  • 23-26 April: Virtual programming

How much does it cost?

GLC is complimentary for anyone attending virtually, and for six (6) Chapter Officers per chapter in-person. If more than six Chapter Officers from any one chapter attend, there is a fee of US$1250.

If non-officer EO members and/or spouses and life partner (SLP) wants to attend in-person, it will have a cost of US$1,250. General membership seats to attend in-person will be released in late February.

What is the format of GLC 2022? How will it be different to previous years?

GLC 2022 will be a hybrid in-person and virtual event, with live programming in Washington, DC, USA, and Barcelona, Spain, as well as through an innovative online platform for members across the world. Last year’s GLC, GLCx Momentum, followed a similar hybrid model – and meant we were able to have more than 8,000 members engage with GLC from all over the world!

Traditionally, GLC was formatted as a two-day intensive training conference for EO members who volunteer to be leaders in their chapter or region, but in 2019, the format of GLC evolved to make it a more inclusive event. “Learning Day” was introduced with a special programme of speakers and events, and made available to all members, giving those who did not hold chapter or leadership roles the opportunity to enhance their knowledge, skills and network. The organization also hoped this new Learning Day would inspire the chapter leaders of tomorrow.

Starting in 2021, GLC became an all-member event, where members, Accelerator and GSEA participants, and other members of the EO community could gather both in-person and virtually to make new life-enhancing connections and have experiences to unlock growth. GLCx Momentum built on the Learning Day to make the conference more accessible than ever before – and we will carry this through to GLC 2022.

How does the new hybrid model work?

The 2022 GLC will be a hybrid of both in-person and virtual event formats. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person gatherings will take place on a smaller scale in what we call “hubs” and “spokes”.

At the hub, speakers will be live, (like LiveAid or New Year’s Rockin’ Eve). The Hub will then interact with what we call “spokes”, which will consist of more intimate groups within one EO region, outside of the hub’s radius. The Hub is Washington, DC and the spoke is Barcelona, Spain. Content will then be streamed live from both the hub and spoke to our global membership virtually via our Swapcard platform.

How can I join the event?

All EO members will be able to attend live virtually, while Chapter Officers have the opportunity to attend in-person at the hub or spoke, or virtually.

The new format aims to make this virtual GLC as interactive, accessible and safe as possible for all involved.


Registration for GLC 2022 will open on 27 January 2022.

How can I register?

Chapter Officers have the option of attending in-person. Those wishing to register in Washington, DC can register here.

Registration for the in-person GLC experience in Barcelona, Spain is currently at capacity.

All members and Chapter Officers wishing to join GLC from the comfort of their own home can register to attend virtually here.

Please review payment and cancellation policies here.

I’m not an EO member – can I attend?

Spouses and Life Partners (SLPs) will be able to register for GLC by using the same registration option as their affiliated EO member. 

Will non-members in the greater EO community be invited to GLC (prospects, Accelerators, GSEA, etc)?

We are currently finalizing plans to welcome potential members and the wider entrepreneurial community – including Accelerators and Global Student Entrepreneur Awards participants. Please check back for more information on how to register.

Who is invited to attend in person? Does this mean I can choose to attend DC or Barcelona?

Space at both the hub and spoke will first be opened to incoming Chapter Officers. By the end of February, the remaining available spaces will be opened to general members at a cost of US$1,250. You will be able to choose your location, but keep in mind these are not duplicated events. Please refer to the agenda for more details.

You will be able to choose which location to attend in-person but note that DC is the main stage.

Who will be able to tune in to the virtual content?

All EO members and their spouses / life partners will be able to attend GLC 2022 virtually!

Will simultaneous interpretation be available during the live events?

Yes. The platform will be capable of translating into several languages.

The sessions are not suitable for my time zone. Is there going to be a replay?

No, there will not be replays on the platform this year. However, the content will be recorded and available to view on the EO Learning Platform after GLC.

Will the sessions be available after GLC?

Yes. They will be available on the EO Learning Platform after GLC. Access will be exclusive to EO members and EO staff. Some content will be available for a limited time due to speakers’ contracts.

Can Chapter Managers register Board Members on their behalf?
We encourage members to register themselves to protect their passwords as well as read and accept various waivers of liability.


Where is GLC in-person?

GLC will be hosted in-person at two locations: our mainstage in Washington, DC, and a second location in Barcelona, Spain.

Who constitutes member leaders that can attend the Hub or Spoke?

Tier 1 leaders (Board, committee members, and incoming Chapter Officers) will be able to attend the hub or spoke. At the end of February, the remaining seats will open to regular EO membership who can pay to attend.

How many officers can each chapter send to in-person GLC?

Each chapter can send six (6) Chapter Officers to GLC, and EO will cover the cost. For any additional officers, there will be an out of pocket of US$1250 per person.

How do I know which location to attend?

It is up to each Chapter Officer which in-person event you attend, or whether you prefer to attend virtually. Please refer to the agenda page for more information about each location’s programme.

Every region is welcome to send their designated member leaders to GLC in Washington, DC. Please be aware that immigration and Covid-19 related entry and exit requirements apply – please see this page for more detail.

Are the programmes at each location the same?

No – each location has a unique programme on offer. You can find out more here.

Is there an extra cost to attending in-person?

Six Chapter Officers from each chapter will not have an extra cost to attend GLC in person. Spouses and Life Partners (SLPs) and members who have the opportunity to attend in person have an extra cost of US$1,250.

What do I need to know about attending in-person?

All information about accommodation, visas, Covid-19 restrictions, transport and more for each in-person location can be found here.


Where is the virtual conference hosted?

GLC will be hosted on the innovative Swapcard platform, which we used for GLCx Momentum in 2021.

What is Swapcard?

Swapcard is the official conference platform for GLC 2022. Its innovative technology allows you to engage with the live presentations, connect one-on-one and in groups with other members, access AI-powered matchmaking and more!

Where can I download the app? If we don’t have this by the time it goes live on the website, we can leave it off
How do I log in to Swapcard?

After you register for GLC, you should receive and email with log-in instructions from [email protected]. Please make sure you check your junk / spam inbox!

Once you’ve logged in and created a password, you can start building your profile right away.

I’m having trouble navigating Swapcard. Can you help?

Start by looking at our Swapcard QuickStart Guide here:

If you need help learning about the platform, you can access our explainer video here. Additional video tutorials can be found on the Swapcard website’s video library.

If you have an account already, please refer to the Help Desk:

For Registration and General Event questions: [email protected].

For Swapcard Platform Assistance: [email protected].


What is Chapter Officer Training (COT)?

COT is critical training for Chapter Officers to excel in their leadership role. It offers multiple opportunities to gain leadership perspectives, participate in special learning sessions and define their legacy.

Am I supposed to attend COT?

Chapter Officer Training is for incoming chapter officers. If you are not an incoming Chapter Officer, you will not need to attend COT.

What is the format of COT?

COT combines an in-person and virtual training component. Job training modules will be offered by expert facilitators in 3 phases this year:

  • Live virtual core job training via Zoom starting the week of 4 April 2022. This will be where members come to learn how to carry out their roles. Specific dates will be sent via calendar invite in February 2022.
  • In person experience sharing sessions at GLC in Spain and DC between 23 and 26 April. This will be where member leaders come to connect, build relationships, and learn from one another. Specific dates will be shared soon.
  • A comprehensive online research library launched on EON on 28 April 2022. This will be an online support resource available to you year-round that supports everything you learned in phase 1.

How do I register for COT?

If you are registered to be an incoming Chapter Officer, you will have received a designated email about how to sign up. If you think you should have received one, but did not, please contact [email protected].