About Chapter Officer Training

Incoming chapter officers are invited to attend Chapter Officer Training. This training is critical to excelling in your EO leadership role. It offers multiple opportunities to gain leadership perspectives, participate in special learning sessions and define your legacy. Job training modules will be offered by expert facilitators in 3 phases this year:

1) 1) Live core role training via Zoom starting the week of 4 April 2022. This will be where members come to learn how to carry out their roles. Specific dates have been sent via calendar invite to incoming chapter chairs.

Additionally, training track times and zoom links can also be accessed here:

2) In person experience sharing sessions at GLC in Spain and DC between 23 and 26 April. This will be where member leaders come to connect, build relationships, and learn from one another. Specific dates will be shared soon.

3) A comprehensive online research library launched on EON on 28 April 2022. This will be an online support resource available to you year round that supports everything you learned in phase 1.

The Chapter Officer Training tracks being offered virtually this year are:

  • Accelerator
  • AD/RC
  • Finance
  • Forum
  • GSEA
  • Member Engagement
  • Learning
  • Marketing/Communication
  • Membership
  • Mentorship
  • MyEO
  • Presidents
  • Strategic Alliances

Each of the above tracks with the exception of Mentorship will also be offered during the in-person experience sharing session in Barcelona, Spain and Washington DC, USA. Please note that experience sharing in Barcelona will be combined track sessions due to size limitations, while experience sharing in Washington DC will be individual track sessions.

*Chapter Board attendance for in-person GLC Chapter Officer Training will be limited to one (1) Chapter Officer role, per Chapter Officer track, per chapter. For example, only one Learning Chair-Elect may attend the Learning Track. The only exception to the rule is the President Elect-Elect, who is invited to attend the Presidents track in addition to the President-Elect; other Elect-Elect positions will not be invited to attend GLC Chapter Officer Training. Please read the GLC Changes FAQ  or reach out to your chapter president or regional director if you have questions.

*We are excited to announce that due to the accessibility of the virtual offering of Live Chapter Officer Training, Chapter Staff will be invited to attend all virtual functional COT tracks except for AD/RC and Presidents track. Please note: this invitation is meant to be in addition to the designated member track chair and is not meant to be in place of the member leader. All Chapter Staff are required to discuss attendance with their incoming Chapter President to decide which tracks are deemed beneficial for attendance. Chapter staff will not be able to attend in-person experience sharing.

Chapter staff should complete the following form to confirm attendance of your anticipated virtual track training.

Please reach out to [email protected] with any questions.