Global Leadership Conference (April 28 – May 1) – We are truly sorry to announce that 2020 Global Learning Conference (GLC) and GSEA Finals have been cancelled. Due to the major uncertainties our diverse, global membership and staff face with the unpredictable spread of COVID-19, we cannot ensure a positive and healthy event experience for all. We must stay focused on our top priority: the health and safety of our members and staff and their respective families. For more information, contact [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

Travel Guide



Flight Information

The recommended airport is Cape Town International Airport (CPT). The drive from the airport to the GLC hotels takes 25-35 minutes by car, depending on traffic.

Ground Transportation

Taxis are readily available at the airport and a trip to the event hotel will cost around R300 (US$20). Uber is also widely used in Cape Town.

Wow Travel & Tours is appointed to provide another ground transportation option for private/group transfers from the airport to your hotel you can reserve with this link:

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Weather and Dress

The average temperature in Cape Town in April is 18°C (64°F). The average high temperature is 23°C (73°F) and the average low is 12°C (54°F).

Dress Code
Bring a sweater or blazer to GLC events. The hotels and venues are air-conditioned. Wearing layers will help you stay comfortable in the meeting rooms. The dress code for the evening socials is smart casual; please see the socials page for more information.

Men’s Dress Code Glossary

  • Business casual: Nice slacks; collared shirts
  • Smart casual: Seasonal sport coat or blazer; slacks or nice jeans; dress shirt, casual button-down shirt, open-collar shirt or polo shirt

Women’s Dress Code Glossary

  • Business casual: Nice slacks or skirt; blouse
  • Smart casual: Dress, skirt, dressy pants or nice jeans; dressy top

About Cape Town

Country: South Africa
Time Zone: SAST (South Africa Standard Time) (UTC+02:00)
Please check to find the time in your home city.
Currency: South African Rand
For currency converter tools, please visit or


For etiquette information, please reference:


English is the official language of the 2020 EO Global Leadership Conference in Cape Town.


The South African Rand uses the R symbol and is subdivided into 100 cents.

Cape Town has both paper money and coins. There are currently nine coins in circulation: 1c, 2c, 5c, 10c, 20c, and 50c cents and R 1, R 2, and R 5. Additionally, there are six banknotes issued: R 10, R 20, R 50, R 100, R 200 and R 1,000.

There are banks and ATMs located throughout Cape Town. Visa and MasterCard credit cards are widely accepted in major restaurants and stores.


Generally, it’s acceptable to give a minimum 10% tip while out at restaurants. Tipping suggestions vary for other services, to learn more please refer to this article by Cape Town Magazine.

For more suggestions, please refer Cape Town’s official tourism website.

Stay Connected

The country code for South Africa is +27. When dialing a South African number from abroad, be sure to dial +27 before the area code and number.

Mobile phones are widely used throughout Cape Town. Contact your service provider before arriving in the Cape Town to determine if you should purchase an international plan or international roaming services.

Free Wi-Fi is available in most public places in Cape Town, such as hotel lobbies and coffee shops. The strength and speed of the signal varies.

The electrical current in Cape Town is 230 volts and 50 hertz (cycles per second). Wall outlets fit the following power sockets below (from right to left): D, M, and N.

Type D: This socket has no alternative plugs

Type M: This socket has no alternative plugs

Type N: This socket also works with plug C

To ensure the safety of your electronics, be sure you have a converter if you need one. A wide array of converters and universal adapters is available online.


To enter South Africa, you’ll need a passport with at least six months validity. Visas aren’t required to enter most countries. Visit the South Africa Department of Home Affairs for details about requirements on your country of origin. Please check your visa requirements as soon as possible because the process is often lengthy.

EO members are responsible for arranging their own travel to the events. Please be aware of all immigration and visa-related paperwork and associated fees. If you fail to receive the appropriate approvals to enter the country, you will be subject to EO’s cancellation policy.

EO takes no responsibility for acquiring or monitoring a member’s visa status. EO can support you in your quest for immigration approval by providing the following:

  • Letters of invitation
  • Hotel confirmation numbers (where applicable)
  • Connections to the chapter members via the Chapter Admin

EO cannot:

  • Sponsor members
  • Guarantee costs or other monetary-related paperwork
  • Liaise with ministries, immigration, embassies or consulates on behalf of any member

If you require a sponsorship for entry into the country, you assume all risk associated with registering for the event prior to getting approval and finding sponsors. EO cancellation policy applies. EO members are required to find other EO member sponsors on their own, including using or through the EO chapter hosting the event. EO staff will not broker sponsorships.


Besides suggesting that travelers going to South Africa are up to date on their vaccinations, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends most travelers to get typhoid and hepatitis A vaccines. For more health and safety recommendations for South Africa, please visit the CDC website.

Dietary Restrictions

If you suffer from severe food allergies, we encourage you to Select Wisely and consider purchasing food and travel-translation cards to communicate your dietary needs.