For centuries, travelers have been drawn to the enchanting and enigmatic Dead Sea. An oasis located at the lowest point on earth, the vast stretch of water is bordered by Jordanian lands rich with history, culture and natural wonder. Unlike any other place on earth, Dead Sea, Jordan’s idyllic panorama provides endless opportunities for rejuvenation as we’re embraced by the remote desert valleys, or experience the thrill of exploring awe-inspiring landscapes. Relax at one of many luxurious Dead Sea resorts, pamper yourself with a mineral-rich mud bath spa treatment, or trek through nearby sandstone cliffs and historical ruins with an enchanting golden sunset as your backdrop. From Petra, to the Roman Theater, Citadel and the Baptism Site, there is so much to experience during your time in Jordan!

While the region’s environment presents a myriad of unique physical characteristics allowing you to experience the area’s wide breadth of organic beauty, many life lessons can be learned from a visit to the Dead Sea simply by interpreting the metaphorical meaning of the area’s natural qualities. One of the most significant traits of the area is the hypersaline sea’s ability to allow its visitors to effortlessly float on water. With water so dense from its high salt content, it is practically impossible to swim in the viscous waters of the Dead Sea, and equally impossible to sink.

How can we interpret and apply Dead Sea, Jordan’s distinctive qualities into the meaning of our personal and professional lives? In the Dead Sea, we can float on water, but how do we become unsinkable when it comes to confronting life’s endless challenges? As we join together situated a quarter mile below sea level at the lowest point on earth, how can we reflect on the location in relation to our lives? When we feel that we are at the lowest point in our life, how do we rise above and prevent ourselves from sinking lower? At the 2018 EO Dead Sea, Jordan University, we’ll dig deep to find the answers to these questions and learn from some of the world’s greatest teachers on the application of resilience in life. As entrepreneurs, we’ll uncover what it takes to own our life’s experiences and learn how to build a calm, indefatigable inner strength needed to adjust to any situation. We’ll discover how to rise above metaphorical high tides, so we can bounce back faster and higher than we ever thought possible.

Join us at the 2018 EO Dead Sea, Jordan University and become Unsinkable.