Welcome to EO’s third year at the London Business School!

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In March of 2015, a group of 70 entrepreneurs from 20 countries and 42 chapters attended the inaugural EO/London Business School Growth Program. Their intent was to further grow and expand their businesses, using the tools and key learnings of entrepreneurs before them.

Case study methodology uses a protagonist (the central figure with a problem) to illustrate an issue from one or more angles. In reviewing the story, which often hides the real names of the businesses and people involved, attendees use their own experiences to shape ideas of what the protagonist might do next.  The true details of the story, as it unfolds, can be frustrating, rewarding and revealing, all at the same time.

We expected to be challenged. We knew there would be questions we couldn’t answer. What we didn’t know was that we would challenge the instructors at the same time they were challenging us. In one session, a member asked a series of questions, proving he had not only reviewed the material, but he had thought through the entire business model. He came up with an angle that no one thought of, nor one that had been used before. It was awe-inspiring.

At that moment, we were reminded that asking the obvious questions doesn’t always lead you to the answer, and so together we dove into an entirely new line of thinking. By entering his experience into the list of options the protagonist had, our EO peer made a game-changing move for the central character in the case.

This year, the EO/London Business School Growth Forum will bring new instructors, new content, new challenges and new classmates together to expand our views and bring key skills home to our businesses. This year, we will add a pre-event and post-event session to enlighten and enliven networking opportunities. This year, we will move the needle forward again.

On Wednesday, we will kick off the class with a picnic lunch in Regent’s Park, one of the most historic green spaces in all of Britain. Enjoy a leisurely meal with your classmates and relax before the hard work starts in earnest, located just a few steps away in the hallowed halls of London Business School, Financial Times’ number-two business school for Global MBAs.

To conclude what I know will be another amazing executive education experience, Saturday night we will end our time together with an event in London. Alongside members of the EO London chapter, we’re excited to bring you a unique and once-in-a-lifetime conclusion to the second offering of the EO/London Business School Growth Program. I’m honored to be able to lead this group again and hope that you will join me in London from 22-25 March 2017 to learn, grow and connect!

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Kristin McLane
EO Cincinnati
Chair, EO/London Business School Growth Forum