Welcome to the 2016 EO Global Leadership Conference!

You know what it takes to be a leader in business. You’ve stepped up and made a mark through your ideas and actions … now it’s time to do the same in the EO community! Are you ready to become a stronger, more impactful leader in EO? Get ready for the 2016 EO Global Leadership Conference, our annual leadership conference that affords you the tools, knowledge and direction you need to make your mark in EO and beyond.

This year’s GLC promises three days of learning, networking and synergy-building against a backdrop of leadership development. Discover best practices, tips and lessons learned to help you achieve excellence in your role; brainstorm with likeminded leaders as we set the stage for continued growth and greatness; explore how to become a more versatile leader at all levels of the organization; and discover what it means to be an “EO lifer.”

What else can you expect? Among other things:

  • Support the Future of Entrepreneurship: Tap into the next generation of EO members by engaging in the EO GSEA Global Finals, where 50 student entrepreneurs from 50 countries will vie for the title of “Global Student Entrepreneur of the Year”
  • Craft Your Leadership Journey: Set the course for your leadership journey by sharing your experiences with global peers, learning more about EO’s leadership model and uncovering new ways to flex your leadership muscle.
  • Gain a Broader Leadership Perspective: Prepare for workshops that will help you build your self-awareness, inspire new thinking and encourage innovation through action, all while learning how to support the next stage of organizational growth

As you prepare for this one-of-a-kind leadership-building event, we encourage you to engage all of the learning opportunities, open your mind to the possibilities leadership brings, and leverage the resources and relationships available to you as an integral part of the EO leadership landscape. Congratulations on pursuing EO’s Path of Leadership, and for accepting a higher calling in the organization. Get ready to take the next step in your personal, professional and EO leadership journey!


Ivan Ting, EO China South
EO Global Chairman-Elect