The University Committee members have the great pleasure of inviting you to the 2015 EO Osaka Global University, an educational and experiential journey that will challenge you to live in the moment. You will be coming to Japan’s economic and cultural command center for the University, a perfect venue to examine your own values with your EO peers as you pursue new endeavors. Osaka hosts 65% of Japan’s industrial companies, and many of them claim a large share of the world’s markets. There are Japanese companies in operation today that have been in existence for more than 1000 years! We hope that EO members around the world will truly discover the old culture and mentality of Japan in the midst of the very modern society of Osaka.

What adjectives represent the core values of Japanese mentality? The following words come to mind: elusive, pluralistic, ambiguous and meticulous. A frequently-used term in Japan, ichigo ichie means that we must consider that any encounter may be a “one time” experience. So, we must pay extra attention during the moment and show our respect to a person we meet. This concept is really down the root of our Japanese mentality and philosophy. Therefore, we are culturally ingrained to treat guests with respect and hospitality, so that the memories will last a lifetime.

We are pleased to also unveil to you the beauty and serenity of the city of Kyoto – where we will all relocate for our final day of the University program. We encourage you to plan extra time afterward in Kyoto and other nearby cities, in order to dive deeper into the ancient traditions and contemplative shrines, gardens and green spaces of the area.

EO Osaka Global University will use ichigo ichie as an expression to show respect to the significance of our shared experience – as entrepreneurs, as leaders, as friends and family. In our Japanese culture, we place the highest value in things that last, so we will work our hardest to make sure that your University experience provides lasting value.


Keisuke Aomatsu
University Committee Chair
EO Osaka

Taro Morikawa
President, EO Osaka

Dai Tanitaka
Past President, EO Osaka

on behalf of the entire 2015 EO Osaka Global University Committee

Got a question for the University Committee? Please email Nobi Fujita at n.fujita@seibushoko.com.