Welcome (Japanese language)

(Japanese Translation) We live in a world of narratives. Much like fish, unaware they are enveloped by water, we are surrounded by narratives. These are the stories that tell us how the world works and describe our place in it.

As entrepreneurs, we operate within the narratives of our time. But we are also the drivers of change. We create new story lines with every innovation and endeavor we pursue. The EO New York Global University will explore the fundamental narratives that dominate our entrepreneurial lives today. We will challenge our community of entrepreneurs to explore the issues most critical to their business, family and personal lives.

Today, we are approaching tipping points in the most consequential narratives of our lifetime:

  • Technological advancements like the “internet of things” are driving the marginal costs of goods and services to near zero, while the collaborative commons and the rise of the sharing economy are challenging capitalism as the organizing framework of economic activity. What opportunities are being created during this shift? Who will capitalize on what comes next?
  • Global population growth, income inequality, climate change and sectarian conflicts have been straining the current system of global governance, driving apocalyptic narratives. How can we transform these narratives to address the coming changes as opportunities rather than crises?

Our University learning program will explore the key factors contributing to the changes in our understanding of economics, society and the environment. We will illuminate the issues, present credible alternatives and explore the disruptive opportunities. Scientists, artists, economists, politicians, pundits and fellow entrepreneurs will share their insights on these topics, while our breakout series will create an interactive environment for deeper exploration.

New York City has been at the forefront of global change for the last 200 years, and this EO Global University will continue this legacy of thought leadership. On behalf of the University committee, I invite you to join us here as we seek to “Transform the Narrative” of the 21st Century.

Chris Bryant

University Committee Co-Chair
EO New York

Julie Papadopolous
University Committee Co-Chair
EO New York