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Learning Awards

Wanted: The best of the best. Chapters that proactively planned and executed amazing learning events with great take-home value, innovation and fun for members.

  • Best Learning Calendar: Assesses the overall quality of the calendar. This is awarded in two categories: chapters with less than 60 members (Small/Medium), and chapters with more than 61 members (Large/ Mega).
  • Best Chapter Learning Event: Take-home value event focused on improving a member’s professional, personal skills, or business operations.
  • Best Community Impact Event: This is an event where EO members have given back to their communities by providing leadership, training and/or community support and development.
  • Best Multi-Chapter or Regional Event: Three or more EO chapters attend an event with multiple parts (speakers, activities, socials, etc.).
  • Best WOW or Social Event: An event that can never be replicated, an event that makes attendees say “wow” and/or an event employing a venue or activity closed to the general public but opens exclusively for an EO chapter. Parties, happy hours, recreational events, sporting events, family-focused events, spousal events, etc.
  • Most Creative Marketing Piece: This is now a Marketing and Communications Award (Best Event Marketing). If you would like to submit for this category please do so through that application.

Apply for a Learning Award

Best Learning Calendar Application

Criteria and Process

The criteria are different for each category. However, as judges are reviewing each application, they will look for complete answers to each question. Emphasis will be on a) personal statement b) the take-home value c) the event evaluations.

  • All entries must be submitted electronically to Scott Wilson, EO’s Director of Chapter Learning, by close of business Thursday, 19 March 2015, to be considered. No exceptions.
  • All entries/information must be submitted in English.
  • Eligible events for this year’s awards should be dated from 21 March 2014 through 19 March 2015.
  • Each chapter will receive an e-mail to verify that the entry has been received.
  • All entries will be reviewed by a committee from various regions.
  • The awards will be presented at the Global Leadership Conferences (GLCs) in May, and winners will be announced in Global communications. If a representative from your chapter is not present, the award will be mailed to you.
  • Only one application per category per EO Chapter. Chapters can apply in more than one category.


Please contact Scott Wilson with additional questions.

Marketing & Communications Awards

The Global Communications Committee (GCC) is accepting online applications for the EO Marketing & Communications Awards. One application form can be submitted for each nominee in up to six categories. All applications will be judged based on 1)Strategic Vision 2)Quality of Work and Branding and 3)Execution and Results.

Awards for 2015 will be given in the following categories:

  • Best Chapter Branding: Has your chapter created its own personality? We’re looking to award the chapter that has created the most unique identity while maintaining compliance with the EO Global Brand Guidelines. Show us your best work!
  • Best Event Branding: Show us your best “wow” design and marketing that accompanied a learning or social event at your chapter or regional event (2 awards).
  • Best Video: Submissions can be focused on business development, learning or chapter promotion; should be short in duration and can include a montage of clips or a single segment. All submissions must be in English or have English captions.
  • Best Social Media: How well are you engaging your members and/or potential members through social media? Now’s the time to be recognized for providing useful, timely and sometimes even viral content to your online audience. Platforms eligible for consideration include Facebook, Weibo, WeChat, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+, among others.
  • Best Newsletter: Share with us your newsletter design, strategy and content. To be eligible, the newsletter must have been sent at least three times on a quarterly schedule, or six times on a monthly schedule.
  • Best External Awareness: Have your chapter’s PR/Marketing efforts taken off this year? Show off your ROI for external awareness and be recognized as a leading voice for EO in your city, your region and globally.
  • Marketing & Communications Leadership: Nominate a leader in the Marketing & Communications field that has made a mark in their chapter and beyond.

Marketing & Communications Award deadlines:

  • 16 March 2015: Applications and All Samples Due
  • 1 April 2015: Finalists Notified
  • GLC San Diego: Winners Announced*

*Note: One category winner will be featured during general session at GLC, and other category winners will be recognized during the Marketing & Communications track sessions. Who Can Nominate?

  • Any fellow chapter board member can nominate a Communications Chair by filling out the form, providing interview and examples of work.
  • Communications Directors and Regional Council members, peer Communications Chairs and fellow chapter board officers can submit entries.
  • Communications Chairs can self-nominate.

2015 Communications Award Finalists

Award Category Finalists Winner (Announced at GLC)
Best Chapter Branding EO Gujarat
EO Israel
EO Portland
EO Toronto
EO Vancouver
EO Portland
Best Video EO Hawaii
EO Israel
EO Lahore
EO Seattle
EO Sydney
EO Hawaii
Best Social Media EO Brisbane
EO Israel
EO Netherlands
EO San Antonio
EO Israel
Best Newsletter EO Coimbatore
EO Jaipur
EO Malaysia
EO Raipur
EO Toronto
EO Coimbatore
Best External Awareness EO Cleveland
EO Houston
EO Israel
EO Karachi
Best Event Branding EO Cleveland
EO Houston
EO Lahore
EO Malaysia
EO Punjab
EO Lahore
EO Punjab
Marketing & Communications Leadership Jeremy Choi – EO Toronto
Aidan Fitzpatrick – EO UK – London
Jayanthra Jayachandran – EO Coimbatore
Nita Maru – EO U.A.E.
Najeeb Vohra – EO Lahore
Jeremy Choi – EO Toronto

EO Global Citizen of the Year Award

The Global Citizen Award will recognize one EO Member whose innovative and effective approach transcends borders, changes lives, and sets an example for us all. The winner will be recognized with a paid trip to visit the EO chapter of his or her choice.

  1. The nominee will be a Member in good standing. Members of the EO Global Board, Regional Directors, Committee Chairs and members of the GTT are not eligible during their tenure.
  2. The awards will be based on outstanding actions during the previous calendar year and will be awarded at the Global Leadership Conference (GLC) in the middle of the following calendar year.
  3. The Member will have demonstrated outstanding Global Citizenship in one or more areas:
    • Advancing EO’s Global journey through facilitating cross-cultural relationships between Members / Forums / Chapters / Regions
    • Adopting a responsibility to reduce international inequality (social and/or economic)
    • Service-centered leadership that leverages EO members, resources or networks to serve a wider community

Applications were due by 28 February 2015.

Questions and completed applications can be sent to

Application window has now closed.

EO Global Membership and Integration Excellence Awards

Applications are now open for FY 2014/2015 EO Membership and Integration Excellence Awards. Winners will be recognized at the GLC in San Diego, and will win unlimited bragging rights for their Chapter!

Membership Recruitment Excellence Award

The Membership Recruitment Excellence Award recognizes the top chapter for excellence in the quality of their Membership Recruitment process.

Factors considered for this award include:

  • Efficiency and documentation of the member qualification and recruitment process
  • All work done by the Membership Chair
  • Creative use of resources (for example: chapter board, region, sponsors, community, etc.)
  • Results-to-date, including member testimonials and new member goals

Application Deadline: Monday, 23 March 2015

Apply Now

Membership Integration Excellence Award

Awarded to recognize the top chapter for excellence in the quality of their Membership Integration process.

Factors considered for this award include:

  • Efficiency and documentation of the member integration process
  • All work done by the Integration Chair
  • Creative use of resources (for example: chapter board, region, sponsors, community, etc.)
  • Results to-date, including member testimonials and new member survey feedback

Application Deadline: Monday, 23 March 2015

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Chapter Admin of the Year

The Chapter Admin of the Year Award recognizes and celebrates one EO Chapter Administrator for excellence in their role as demonstrated by their commitment to EO, delivery of a World Class Member Experience and continued pursuit of chapter excellence. The winner will be awarded with free travel and accommodations for the 2016 EO GLC, with a value up to US$3,500.

Nominating Criteria
  • The Chapter Admin of the Year Award must be nominated by a member of his or her chapter board, or a member in a leadership position, such as Past President, Regional Council role, etc.
  • Chapters may choose to nominate more than one of their Admins. However, only one nomination will count. (Multiple nominations from various Chapter Officers will be disregarded.)
  • Awards will be based on outstanding actions during the previous calendar year and will be announced at the 2015 Global Leadership Conference, (GLC) held in May 2015.
  • The nominator must provide specific examples of how an Administrator has demonstrated exemplary service, fostered greater chapter growth and/or health, and/or showcased EO’s core values (Boldly Go!, Thirst for Learning, Make a Mark, Trust and Respect, Cool) in a way that sets the bar for other Chapter Administrators.
  • All entries and supporting material must be received by midnight US Eastern time on 20 March to Supporting documents, such as photographs, videos, etc. are not necessary, but suggested.

The recipient will receive free travel to GLC 2016 including flight, accommodation and other travel costs, up to, but not exceeding US$3,500.

Application Deadline: Midnight Friday, 20 March 2015

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